Fourth Time’s a charm. RC4 is out and and fixes issues with the 747 autopilot. Hopefully this one is a keeper. Steam build coming Real Soon Now™.

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  1. RC4 is working very well for me.

    I am trying the DataRefTool widget plugin in VR and was suprised when I clicked on the text area the VR keyboard showed up. Most everything I tried worked like in 2d but wondered if we could get two keys added to the VR Keyboard.

    Part of the power of DataRefTool is you can find a dataref and then copy it into the clipboard or past into the text area. To do this we need a Ctrl key on the VR keyboard that would stay on until another key was pressed. Example Ctrl C or V.

    The other key that is used with DataRefTool is the pipe.

    If there is a better place to put this request please point me in the correct direction.

    Thanks Bill

  2. Thanks Ben, I loaded it last night and had a good hours flight, looking very good.
    I still get a small amount of jitter but I think we are running into the limit of the old Open GL api?
    I have a oc 7i & 1080Ti + M.2 drives

    I can still see the xpad from the external view & still get the flicker on the ground when I enable the clouds (both known issues)

    Anyway great progress with RC4 & thanks to the team for all the hard work.

    1. AP Altitude can go above 9999 feet and knots/mach swapping works correctly. (Note that in the 747 you can’t just swap from knots to mach always – you need to be flying high and fast enough that the plane will let you.)

      1. Thanks for making this clear. but what about ILS course, how can we set ILS course in 747, I was never to set it in X-Plane.

        1. Hi,

          in order to set frequency and course of ILS, VOR or frequency of ADF in XP 11 B747-400 goto FMC and click NAV/RAD button to display settings. Note this page only shows on the FMC built right into the plane, not on the popup version.
          In order to change values, do NOT use the keyboard, instead hover the mouse over the required digits, and use the mouse wheel to change them or click on the clickspots instead.

          1. I got it, thanks 😀 and why did LR did this not-real behavior, there are no wheels in the FMC to change the values this way, why not just add the numbers using num keys in the FMC and use the buttons on the left to assign the value? Isn’t this a bug?

  3. All working fine for me. Thanks Ben. As you move to the next phase will the cloud flicker and reflection flashing be priorities? They are a bit of an immersion killer.


    1. +1
      Please fix that cloud shadow flickering!
      Anyway: Thanks for bringing such a joy, Ben! 🙂

    2. If you are referring to the entire screen flashing due to the strobes in clouds, I agree. I turn the strobes off now to keep my sanity.

  4. Hi Ben, just one question..
    are you going to give us some new info about future plans in development,
    or just what we already know, like Vulcan etc… is there something to be revel for the first time ? I mean in Vegas 09.06 ?
    brds for all team Xplane for hard work

  5. Muchas gracias on the native B747? but it didn’t fix the radio though? (reported). Has the smoke been updated yet? or is that in the new particle effects?

  6. Anybody having trouble getting x-plane to recognize CIVA ins plugin now? I put it in the plugins folder for the FlyJsim 732 V3 but doesn´t seem to find it there. May not be a bug, just me messing up the location. Plugin enable/disable doesn´t list it.

      1. Nope, doesn´t seem to recognize in either plugin folders after the newest update. It did recognize it in rc 3. Then yesterday I did a complete reinstall of my computer, win10 and x-plane again, this time with rc4 and doesn´t seem to work. I easily may have been overlooking something but I don´t know what it should be. I guess I´ll just drop a bug report.

        1. Check the Log.txt, find what X-Plane is complaining when it tries to load the plugin.

          Good Luck

          1. Good idea!

            Here it is, what am I doing wrong? :

            D:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/xciva/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found.
            D:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/xciva/win.xpl : Error Code = 193 : %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

            Any suggestions?

          2. DependecyWalker is good for sniffing these things out – I strongly suggest people build their plugins to not require redistributables…

          3. Well, now it´s just crashing outright when I try to load the FlyJsim 732, so, off to the bug report for me.

          4. Solved

            Thanks to: Steve Wilson

            needed to install ALL the redistributables not just the newest ones.


  7. G’day Ben,
    Just had a thought while I am updating the latest beta. Question, the updater scans the destination folder, looks at what needs to be updated, and then after confirmation, updates said files. Is there any possibility to reference the log file, as that would inform the updater to which files need updating?


  8. I still hope that one day, you will add to the installer when you run it, a little notification that states, your current version, latest full or latest beat version, than query , “would you like to update to latest version” etc, save all that disk scanning when there is no update and also let you know in a few secs what version are available.


    1. Disk scanning is essential in order to restore possible missing and/or corrupted files, not only to upgrade to a newer version (no matter if beta or final).

      1. It would still be usefull I think to display that info anyway, because as it stands it doesn tell you anything till its finished.

        Your version xxxx
        new update ver xxxx

    2. For the system builders, I just need to say that moving from SSD to M2 makes this much faster (about 1/4 of the SSD time)

      1. I don’t know whether this blog is the right pace to ask, but it seems here are the right people with the appropriate knowledge around.
        I use several SSD for:

        – X-Plane with custom sceneries
        – Ortho files
        – HD mesh
        – UHD mesh
        – Global sceneries

        What is during flying the most critical partition and so the candidate for being stored to a M2 disk?


      2. I just recently installed an M2 and undoubtedly, the performance is much, much faster, especially loading times. The best upgrade yet besides the 8700k. Interested to see what happens when I configure my existing ortho 🙂

  9. my steam just installed the 11.20r4 now any plugin makes XP to crash right at startup.
    I just have HeadShake and X-ivap 0.40. Remove the plugin, works fine. Worked fine just before the update. Bug Report filed.

    1. HeadShake and X-Ivap are working fine for me on 11.20r4. It sounds like there’s something else not working on your installation.

  10. Has 11.20 been silently released without announcement?

    I just started my official 11.11 installation and the updater box got invoked offering 11.20.
    I quit and checked it a second time, same result.

    Is this intended?

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