X-Plane 11.25 release candidate 1 is live. If you were using an 11.25 beta, you’ll be auto-notified to update. If you’re not using the beta, you can check “get betas” to get the beta. (Steam users: 11.25b1 is available as a Steam public beta – we’ll put the release candidate on Steam early next week if nothing blows up.)  Release notes are here.

This update includes the addition of the “High Roller” Ferris wheel/rotating bar to the strip – when we were at FSExpo, the High Roller was very close to the Flamingo, and it was quite clear how visible it was to the skyline.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

29 comments on “X-Plane 11.25 Release Candidate 1

  1. Hi Ben,

    I have installed the 11.25 RC1 but there is no High Roller.
    If I check the respective object folder (X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\X-Plane Landmarks – Las Vegas\objects), there is no object and no texture for it.

    However: I really like that the High Roller will become part of the strip even for X-Plane.

    Just an idea: How about adding the “Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino” buildings as well? A facade type building should be fine enough. Being the most prominent hotel in parallel but close to Las Vegas Blvd, this would complete the scenery. The Rio is kind’a missing when approaching McCarran Intl.



    1. I seem to have the same issue, no big wheel.
      Submit a bug report but hopefully Ben can investigate.

        1. Bad Ben, Bad!
          I noticed that the parked cars in the Vegas scenery “pop in” only when you are right on top of them, is there a way to extend the LOD on these objects please?
          Also I would like to add Xplane car parks to a custom scenery I have, which asset/object is it you use?

    2. Same here. I watched the demo movie and have the other landmarks but no High Roller behind the Flamingo. This is with objects set to max. Thanks.

  2. Since 11.25 is a graphics uodate, is there any hop that we will get working AA again? (Bug report XPD-9225).

  3. VR code is broken, in game left eye, or screen is frozen on my VIVE after this update! Dont update if you have VR!!!

  4. Hello,

    can you bring a bit of light into fact that you decided to release this RC as beta and not the usual non-beta update? It is confusing a bit ;).


    1. All our release candidates are available initially only via the beta channel. Only after the release candidate is judged to be stable does it become the “official” version that everyone who has not opted in to betas will get.

    2. It looks like you are confusing RC and GA builds.

      You might want to have a closer look at this: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle

      Release candidates and betas are both part of the development period, so it makes perfect sense to release them on a separate (opt-in) channel – which is usually called the ‘beta’ channel. This is what the X-Plane dev’s do.

  5. Will the new lines be integrated into the WED Lines feature? It is helpful to see the actual line colors you are drawing instead of green non representative lines. Also you the could integrate lights directly into the lines…

    Greetings Ben

  6. Ben, I have submitted various bug reports although it isn’t exactly a bug….
    1) VR controllers don’t work on RealityXP GTN 750 screens when they are built into the plane, but do work if the 750 is in a floating window. OK, I can live with a floating window for a while, but….
    2) Any floating windows, GTN 750, MoveVR, even the ipad (which really needs a hide button) show outside the plane in external views which is unsightly and ruin videos and photos. I have to turn all that stuff off when doing videos. Why can’t the floating windows be treated like the reverse of the dummy pilots that only appear in external views?
    I suppose that, in the big picture, this quibble is unimportant – but I gotta say something….. Thanks for your tolerance….

  7. Hi, everybody is appreciating all the fixes and innovations, but what about the weather engine? Do you have some plans about solving all the problems this part of the sim has been from years?
    I think it is time to make a decent weather engine with more variables like thermals, windshears, micorobursts and some more “dynamic evolving” weather…why not starting to look at this? Why not doing something similar to the Flightgear’s weather engine?

    1. I think Laminar have already stated that weather isn’t their main priority for now… for several reasons…

      – They want to do Vulkan first, which not only is time consuming, but will also act as a potential supplement to performance with future weather systems

      – They want to do it properly. Austin is constantly talking about have ‘the dynamic world’ for future iterations of x-plane

      (possible other reasons include having a small team, or the potential of a new weather system breaking everything in this iteration of X-Plane)

      Btw, I’m not really sure if citing Flightgears weather engine is the best way to go about it. There will probably be some shader abuse for weather related items in future (snow, rain etc) which makes more sense to prioritise Vulkan.

      Patience is a virtue 🙂

    2. In addition to what Dellanie mentioned, Active Sky Next is around the corner. They are a specialized group dedicated to weather simulation for many years, so this will make it even less of a priority. Definitely I agree weather needs to be improved, and I agree it should be better out of the box, but once ASN is out I will not really care about the default engine anymore.

  8. Ben, when are we going to get 4k panel textures? Even when I make my panel.png 4k, Xplane still only renders the entire cockpit as a 2k texture.

  9. Will Vulkan change the way in which Windows recognises X-Plane not responding? I was just doing a lengthy flight when X-Plane hanged, followed by Windows’ usual policy of click or press once, and X-Plane dies. Ideally, X-Plane should just get a ‘not responding’ window, rather than crash instantly.

  10. 2 buttons is all that is needed for atc interaction.First brings up menu then scrolls the options and second button to select.This way hands can stay on hotas

  11. Hello, I read that the hobbs problem had to be fixed. I made the update but the hobbs is still defective with the DR401.

  12. Can it be made possible to be able to change windows audio output device without having to restart the sim.

    Sometimes I like to use my headphones, but usually realise I forgot to switch from speakers to my headphones only after the sim is already running, so I have to exit, change the device and then restart the sim.


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