Two notes on stuff we released today:

X-Plane 11.26r1 is now in public beta – click “get betas” to get it. It’s just a translation update except one bug fix: we think the weird errors about missing taxiways mid-flight should be fixed.  This bug was specific to users who loaded additional nav data into the sim, but if you are one of those users this will hopefully help.

WorldEditor 1.7.1r2 is now officially final. WED 1.7.1 supports all of the new airport line types from X-Plane, and also has a slew of new editing options for working with vectors.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

31 comments on “X-Plane 11.26 and WED 1.7.1

  1. Hah, I actually ran into the missing taxiway bug. Glad to find out that it’s fixed 😀

    (I swear I read the company minutes and keep up with what the company is doing)

  2. Updated to the 11.26rc1 and find some issues, happened to me and to some other users of the Italian community.
    Bug report already sent.

  3. After starting a flight en route, and reaching 10 thousand feet, the plane of the bug nothing, and falls of the air, as if it were teletransportado, is not the aircraft, therefore happened the same with another.
    I do not know if it was this update, anyone going through it?

    1. Same probem here, had a naked installation on my laptop and this was driving me crazy.

    2. Yes, those are exactly the issues we are experienced after the update, all ok until 11.25.
      Send a bug report if you haven’t already done that.

      1. I did everything, I was even installing a second clean copy, but apparently it was the 11.26r1 update, I’ll be returning to version 11.25. A crazy thing!
        Regards, SaBach.

    3. same here,
      immediately crash and the plane was at another position. Go back to XP 11.25 and no problem there….

  4. 11.26r1 have a big terrible bug.Every plane have this issue in 11.26r1 .When you first time fly the plane for a while the plane will move to another place suddenly with fps drop.You can see the map the plane move to another place .

  5. I was flying in Northern Norway, between Hammerfest and Hasvik with a Pipistrel Panthera. My aircraft was teleported twice on the flight,. I redid the flight route with same aircraft. And I actually got the same result, so lots of UFO activity. Don’t remember this happening before..

    I have UHD mesh Scenery installed

  6. After updating to 11.26r1 it seem that when XP starts loading the upcoming tiles, the plane is teleported to roughly 20 miles north on same heading. Bug rapport allready created.

  7. Same problem, two relocations for a short flight EDLW to EDDK,
    first time some nm away, second time some nm away and crash
    “Your aircraft has crashed …”

    Using FF A320

    1. I was experiencing the same bug when I was flying from Melbourne to Sydney with IXEG 737 Classic.

      Bug report already filed

  8. Great update to WED. Really like being able to see taxi-lines. Maybe next on ‘my’ wish list would be more Ground Vehicles, like Fire trucks, Ambulances, Pick-up trucks, light and medium trucks, and cargo vans (great for FedEx, UPS, DHL).

  9. Bug report sent. Flew the SF50 twice: once from I67 at 2,500 ft and once from KHXD at 20,000 ft. Flew a Carenado PC-12 as well around 2,500 ft.

    Each time, while using the autopilot for all controls and well below any limits for cruise flight, the plane suddenly burst into an overload of the frame limit and I was rolling on the ground instantly. In fact, the crash never seemed to end and my fans kicked up to max.

    Bug report sent.

  10. A lot of people are reporting issues with 11.26r1, so I qill refrain from updating till 11.26r2.

    Till then, 11.25 is working just fine for me.

  11. Hi Ben,

    are eGPU’s supported by X-Plane 11 on Mac, ie MacBook Pro & iMac? if no, is this planned to be supported? if yes, which desktop class cards are recommended ?


    1. We do NOT officially support them. I have been told by some people that they DO work and others have complained about bad fps. We don’t have any way to fix them if they don’t work. You have to use an eGPU with an external monitor, and we do NOT recommend that you attempt to make a slow Mac into a game machine with an eGPU – the economics don’t make sense.

      1. Thanks Ben, wasn’t planning on it due to the cost/ hassles I read but was curious to hear from y’all.

      2. I run a GTX1070 as an eGPU with a MBP Win10 in Boot Camp. Works great. I lose a little performance due to a 4x PCIE bus limitation, but the GPU gets the job done. In almost all cases I’m CPU limited anyway, so the bus limitation is no factor. I will have a full PC build at some point, but the only component I actually had to pay for out of pocket was the eGPU enclosure, so it was a good option for me for now. But yes, in general, this would not normally be economical at all.

  12. Ben, I see that the rc2 is available for the download and the release notes are about the 1 DSF tile shift, but no mention about the crashes: is the tile shift the responsible even for them?
    I wonder if the shift is occurring even for the Z-axis, not only for X and Y.

  13. Hi guys – quick question for you please. My X299 motherboard (paired with an i9-7900X) shows very different CPU usage behaviour depending whether I enable MFC Mode Override (which uses Windows 10 native support for Intel Turbo Boost) or I install the ITBM 3 driver. The latter results in one core (the one ITBM suggests is the best core) being thrashed at 100%, and others remaining relatively low, whilst the former seems to spread the load across all cores.

    I’d be grateful if you could please confirm which method X-Plane 11 is expecting and so works best with. Thanks!

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