X-Plane 11.30 beta 2 went up yesterday – it fixes a few of our really big bugs, e.g. crashing and completely whacked out graphics. In terms of what’s next for the beta:

  • We should have a Steam version of beta 2 early next week. As always, Steam betas will wait until we’ve proven a beta doesn’t crash; given how easy it is to get Steam betas, we can’t risk the reputation of the product by posting broken betas.  The delay for Steam betas should be days, unless the beta is broken, in which case you shouldn’t want it anyway.
  • We have a number of performance problems that we’re looking into now. The good news is that these are perf problems that may be fixable; the new tech in 11.30 that was suppose to be fast actually is fast, so I’m optimistic that things will run decently once we get these lumps out.
  • We should have beta 3 mid next week; we don’t have much out-standing in terms of flight model compatibility bugs.

If you make a third party aircraft, you should be carefully evaluating your aircraft for compatibility bugs ASAP. The window for reporting compatibility bugs is going to close next week, and if you tell us late in the beta (after the app has been available for six weeks) that there’s a compatibility problem, you may have to wait for a patch to get a fix.

Do not wait for the release candidate to check compatibility!

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

49 comments on “X-Plane 11.30 Beta 2 And Beyond

  1. Nice work team! I’m getting about 20% better frame rates from 11.26. Now able to do HDR in VR and it’s no longer extra HDR-blurry.

    1. I don’t understand how it can be 20% better?? I’m getting 20 fps on my rig in vr. And i am using 9900k overclocked with overclocked 2080ti 32 gig ram m2 disk. I have no idea whats going on. Will this be fixed ?

      1. hi, try 3jfps plugin i have 30-45 fps in VR with i7 6700k at 4.5 ghz
        using orbx south england.
        and very important ASW DISABLE

          1. The way 3jfps works is by adjusting many graphic parameters during the flight depending of configured FPS range and the actual eviroment context (clous etc.)

      2. Hi, i have the same pc, except for the graphic card (zotac gtx 1080ti) and my VR performance are worst than before too. I can no longer fly the zibo mod 737-800. If you solve this problem with some plugin or workaround please let me know.

  2. Beta 2 runs pretty well for me but looking forward to testing B3 next week, hopefully with reflections fixed and even better performance.
    Xplane is a beautiful sim so all that extra performance gets quickly gobbled up with extra eye candy on my rig 🙂 but perhaps more importantly may make Xplane viable in VR with wider FOV HMD’s in 2019.

  3. Are you going to fine-tune the jet exhaustion effect based on the feedbacks? Because currently on the default B737, the blur effect is way too long, it has to be much shorter and progressively larger, fading out no longer than where the tail finishes.
    Also, I don’t understand why the wingtip condensation are independent of the level of humidity, or something is wrong in the beta? Thank you.

  4. Hi Ben,

    can you please comment on progress on solving bug XPD-9560 ? and or if you need further examples to help trouble shoot


  5. After installing b2 I lost the effect of the particles system. Is this intentional or is it a (known) bug?

  6. Well, I filed a bug report , but the short of it is, it has not loaded one time since the new patch. That’s the 1st time that’s ever happened to me. Somewhere during world initialization. It just crashes. Too bad, I would’ve loved to have seen what you guys did. Hopefully the next patch will fix it. Keep up the good work.

  7. Is it a bug if in VR some errors are not displayed in the HMD?

    I have filed a bug report related to this just wanted to be sure.

    Thanks Bill

    1. If you’re referring to multi-color scenery with an Intel GPU on OS X, it should be fixed in b2. If it’s not, please re-report.

      Any other hw, please report as I don’t know what the bug is!

  8. When do you plan on fixing XPD-7919 ? Its the bug where the environment lighting suddenly changes. its most noticeable at sunset. Do you have plans to improve the sun’s appearance and its lighting? It seems odd to me that as great as all the lights look in Xplane11, the sun still seems just a flat texture.

    1. Agree with this. A couple other sims have really brilliant sun and sky colors. Especially in VR where you look at the sun and its so bright and realistic you think you are staring at the actual sun. X-plane is a better sim in every other way (in my opinion) so would be great to see some sun / sky enhancements in the core product.

  9. Fingers cross on these performance optimizations! My FPS dropped significantly (10-12fps) when upgrading from 11.26r2, some performance is back when enabling OpenGL Threaded Optimizations, but I am still behind original performance. :-p

  10. Dear Ben
    what is official suggestion for NVidia thread optimization on or off ?Some people says turn on will have stutter?
    And please think about add half framerate vsync function in game instead of Nvidia control panel because it doesn’t work sometimes.The half vsync is needed for us.
    Thank you.

  11. I have no idea nor do I care if my FPS changed but for me it is definitely smoother and exhibits less judder both in VR and 2D compared to ANY prior release. Great job LR.

    1. Well my problem is, that I am under 30fps at some places currently with 11.30b2, which is simply bad fps for Vsync. And having 4x 49″ screen without Vsync is real tearing experience. 😮

  12. Thanks Ben.

    I’ve been having fun with the particle system in VR.


    The particle system editor still has lots of features that simply aren’t working yet, and my planemaker 3d panel instrument overlays are completely transparent where there should be alpha shadows, but other than that, things have been going pretty well so far.

    Looking forward to Beta3 and beyond.

    1. When looking at the video, there’s one thing that looked quite unrealistic to me (Warning: performance killer ahead!):
      There see to be no waves in front of the plane, even when the plane is moving slowly, and as a consequence (?) the shadow is “lying flat” on the water. I would expect the shadow to be “flexed a bit”. (Sorry, I’m no native English speaker)
      Also around the plane body is something that looks like a frame of bubbles. These are to uniformingly spread around the body, making it look unrealistic.

  13. I have installed the beta for x plane 11.30 and i could see the wing tip vorticies and wing condensation, i didnt even apply these particle effects myself, they were already on all my aircraft and i loved them they looked so realistic. Then a few days later when i launched x plane it said there is an update available, it was beta 2. I downloaded it and tried flying but i dont see any of the wing condensation or wing vorticies occuring now. How come this is not occuring is it a Bug, or do i have to do something ?

      1. “It’s a bug, they’ll be back.” I just had this splendid idea: Why not adding insects (bugs) that smash against your wind shield in all betas? Just in case there are no other bugs 😉 — Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  14. Any intention to upgrade standard planes to new engine models? In B1 I checked and for example the 737 still uses old 1-spool Jet model and C90 old turboprop model.

  15. I tried a Piper Twin tonight that I hadn’t flown in a while because it exhibited some unrealistic behavior. Anyway, I tried a power off stall and a power on stall. BOTH ended in a classic stall maneuver (emergency). That seems new, because I swear it wouldn’t stall prior to 11.30 with XPerimental flight model . … …?? Is it just me or did things change that much? Plus significantly smoother performance in VR on 1080ti and 8yo pc with 12MB ram and Rift.

  16. By clicking on Nav 1 Button crashes xplane 11, cessna 172. And at times the ATC flight planner you cannot select aircraft manufacturer, model, Airline etc

  17. Tried ATC 11.30b2 When I select file flight plane the window pops up but I am unable to select Aircraft manuf. or model. There are no choices when you select the down arrow.

  18. I had the same issue, if you file outside of VR, then go back in its allows! Must be a bug in VR menu

  19. wow! The wing vortex and condensation is amazing, BUT, would you be able to make it visible from the inside of the aircraft too, from like passenger views and the cockpit, it would look much cooler being in a passenger view or pilot view and being able to see these effects out of the aircraft windows

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