The first public beta for X-Plane 11.35 is now available! (Steam is staged and will be released shortly.) This is an update that includes new Gateway airports, FMOD sound for the Boeing B737-800 and KingAir C90B, improved aircraft systems, and landmark scenery packs for New York and Washington D.C.

Aircraft developers will want to review Philipp’s notes on the:

Bug fix highlights include multiple metar interpretation fixes, an ATC crash bug fix, and fixes to many of the default aircraft.

Full release notes are available here.

Update: We are aware of a cloud rendering bug with anti-aliasing. The work around for now is to turn off or use the lowest setting of anti-aliasing.

We are working on b2 to fix this issue and will be holding the wide release of the Steam beta for the fix. If you really, really, really want to use b1 with this known issue, you can email me directly at my first name and I’ll get you into the private Steam beta.

About Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer came to X-Plane to update the manuals and stayed for the bug testing. You'll most likely see her answering bug reports or making video tutorials.

21 comments on “X-Plane 11.35b1

  1. Me: Learns xLua just to write a custom feeder/aux tank logic for my aircraft
    Philipp: I am about to end this man’s whole career

    Seriously though thank you for continuously making this sim better and also making it even easier to create addons for it, it’s in my opinion the best thing about it and the reason why I use it the most.

  2. Where have the propwash improvements Austin talked about been folded in? He neglected to say in his moment on stage.

    1. FM improvements from after 11.30 are not in 11.35 – they’ll be in a release after 11.35. If you want to try them, you could try pinging him for an experimental build.

      1. Will all these changes then become an official flight model (like in 11.40 or so) or will they still stay as experimental FM?

      2. I don’t have the RW experience to properly evaluate the changes. But do hope they’re coming soon, as I expect they’ll help with taildraggers in crosswind, slow speed ops.

  3. The crackling hot engine sound on C90B after shutdown is the most amazing detail I’ve ever seen (heard) in a default aircraft. This is payware quality on vanilla content.

    Same for b737. Damn, that ‘distorted’ jetblast sound from behind the aircraft is something that gives me goosebumps just for writing this.

      1. Talking about AA – any news on higher AA settings than 8x (as was possible pre-11.30 with datarefs)? Would love to see that slider allow a bit more, my GPU is BORED TO DEATH.

  4. Xplane just gets better and better, thanks for the update.

    Never had this before…. but jumped in the Diamond DA62 after the update, now the throttles don’t move anymore.
    I can take off, just he throttles dont move (in VR)
    Dont know if its a bug from the last update?

    1. There’s XUIPC. It’d say third party plugins is the right scope for that – we provide a low level interface and then others can fit specific tech to it.

  5. Normally I don’t do betas. But I’ve been looking forward to the FMOD in the 737 and king air for so long that I downloaded this one, and I’m glad I did! Huge improvement over the legacy sounds, though I do have some feedback: both planes seem to be missing the rumble/whirring sound on takeoff roll. Minor detail but makes a huge difference in the experience. Also the mcp in the 737 makes a random ratchet sound when in vnav mode occasionally. I assume this is due to the fmc adjusting the vertical speed and ias/Mach values, but it’s annoying and as far as I can tell not realistic. In my opinion the sound associated with the mcp knobs is a bit overdone. Also that cool alarm sound that goes off with the starter in the king air seems to be missing as well. Overall very minor nits to pick but I think addressing those would really take the sound space to the next level!

  6. Just installed beta 2 and seems like my old projects has broken starters and no pressurization either. So what DataRefs should i use to get air-bleed working again? And it seems like setting APU_N1 to 100 doesn’t work either. Now it’s always 0 there. So i have no APU and don’t know how to make it working to provide air bleed for starting engines.
    Using SASL 2 plugin to read and write DataRefs and all my codes do the routine for start engines and control pressurization. Worked fine in previous versions…
    Looks like i have to spend some time digging the changes, before i got tons of reports from angry customers…

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