Updated 4/8/2020 8:25 PM: Beta 2 is…not our best work. It crashes on start on Linux and crashes on load for a wide variety of third party aircraft (but not LR ones). We are cutting a beta 3 with these two issues fixed; it should be live in the next twenty four hours. We are holding with Beta 1 on Steam until Beta 3 is available.

X-Plane 11.50 Beta 2 is now available. (Steam users: it’s on the servers and we’ll hit go in a few hours if we don’t hear reports of massive crashing and pain.)

We received a lot of bug reports from X-Plane 11.50 beta 1. This is good! I’d much rather have multiple reports of a bug than no reports. Every now and then someone tells us about something and we go “how long has this been going on” and they so “oh for a year now” and we’re, like “why didn’t you file a bug???” Don’t assume someone else will file it!

So with beta two, here’s what we need:

  • Read the release notes – Jennifer puts real effort into documenting everything that is fixed to save you time.
  • If your bug is listed as fixed and you still see it, please file a new bug. If you mention the bug number that we listed as fixed in your “it’s still broken” report, this is really helpful for us.
  • If your bug is not listed as fixed, please do not re-file it. If we didn’t say it was fixed in the release notes, we already know it is still broken, and a re-file of the bug just takes time away from other bug reports.

Beta 2 does not fix all bugs – it doesn’t even come close, so most bugs do not need to be refiled.

With that in mind, there are a few high profile bug fixes in beta 2:

  • The sky colors dialog box does not crash! We are actually astonished at how many people reported this – we didn’t think it was a heavily used feature, but … who knew.
  • VR – the right eye is fixed! It turns out this was broken twice; we have fixed both bugs.
  • Plugins: object drawing in OpenGL for legacy plugins turns out to have been massively borked; this could cause wrong drawing and crashes in all of the pilot clients, ground traffic, push back add-ons, etc. So a large swathe of popular add-ons should work better in OpenGL mode.
  • Older NVidia cards should now work and not have a black screen. This covers the 600, 700, 800, and some 900 NVidia cards.
  • Mac users who were getting “out of memory” – this should be a lot better now.
  • Users with multiple GPUs and SLI should be able to launch without disabling things.

Here are the complete release notes.

Probably the most common and annoying bug report we get that is not fixed here is blurry textures. Basically if X-Plane thinks it is running out of VRAM, it will lower the resolution on textures where it is allowed to lower the resolution. We have seen cases of this code behaving very poorly and turning texture resolution all the way down.

First, just to state the obvious, this is a bug. You do not need more VRAM to run with Vulkan than OpenGL, we just need to fix the pager. If you have less than 8 GB of VRAM, do not panic.

I am not surprised that we have seen this bug – texture paging is very much about tuning our decisions to match real-world use, and we have shipped with something that works decently in our test cases and sometimes quite badly in real-world use cases that are very different from our test cases. So we will adapt the algorithm over time based on data we collect, and it will take a few betas to get better.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

69 comments on “X-Plane 11.50 Beta 2 Bug Fixes

  1. Wow !
    Very impressed that you fixed so many bugs in this short amount of time.
    Thanks for all your work….

    1. You are waiting for the respective clients to be updated then. For what it’s worth, I believe xPilot got updated today, so VATSIM should work now.

  2. Well, I have to admit, that I have had no errors @ 11.50 with vulkan. Once it crashed but I configured wrongly ReShade.
    VR is working(both eyes), all plugins working, all sceneries working, planes – yes you already know – working as well..

    Looks like I have super computer.

        1. Well it was fine for me too, on my main supercomputer (w/ Nvidia gfx), but my other PC (w/ AMD gfx) had the right eye issue in VR.

  3. Bugs 10569 and 10607 are listed as both fixed and unfixed in the latest release note. I could report this as a bug, but then things could go very meta.

  4. Just updated to 11.5b2 on my iMac. and the program will not even try to open. Nothing happens when double click X-Plane.app

      1. That did it thanks
        BTW, does Fly with Lua and Python scripts work using OpenGL with this version?

      2. Thanks, That worked. BTW does FWL and Python scripts work with OpenGL on a Mac with this version?
        Also, I had no luck with Metal in the first release so stayed with OpenGL. I think I probably have a 50% increase or more and my setting are a lot higher too. And with this release I’m able to turn up my settings to Max. I am on an 8 yr old iMac with only 2Gb Vram. You are certainly doing something right.

        1. Huh? I have a late 2018 27″ iMac and there’s no way I can turn all the graphic settings to max. Which resolution you’re using and what is your framerate?

        2. Yeah that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense I have a mobile rtx 2060 and an i7 8750H and Im only getting 30 fps at the tier below maximum.

  5. Ben,

    Did you happen to get anywhere with the bug around coming out of VR during a flight and having all click spots move 1 inch to the right? Upon entering VR the sim crashes with a Vulkan error? I along with a few other dedicated VR simmers have lodged that bug report.

    1. 100%, if you start in VR, but exit to do your configs in 2D, then re-enter VR, you crash. Seems like re-entering VR for the second time in a play session is a guaranteed crash. Nvidia 1070 with steamvr

  6. I am now told that I have to update my drivers? I have the latest ones. Did I miss something?

  7. I have an NVIDIA RTX 2080 and I noticed that sometimes it tells me that I don’t have enough VRAM resulting in a crash. My question is 8GB is not enough for Vulkan?

  8. Running 11.50b2 under Linux with Vulkan enabled crashes immediately.

    There is a segmentation fault somewhere in:

    gfx_vk_physical_device::parse_queues(gfx_vk_surface_probe*) ()

    Sent in a bug report along with the gdb log.

  9. Carenado/Alabeo planes (C177, C210 & C337) all give null pipeline error when trying to load them. Crashes submitted. They loaded fine b1.

    It’s my fault and I knew I should have saved the b1 folder separately but is there any way to go back to b1?

    1. Actually, it’s like with backups: Not now, but maybe in the future (after you made a backup) 😉
      I’ve been misusing git on Linux to “check in” several versions of X-Plane 11. When you also tag them (like v11.40b5), you could simply “checkout” the version you like, and only the files that need a change are changed.
      I don’t have access to it right now, but due to automatic compression and deduplication the repository for a few versions isn’t much larger than a single version.
      Still, however, you have to bee somewhat patient and your CPU will need some RAM and cycles when processing a new version…

      One of the things git showed (actually “git diff”) me is that X-Plane is using more fractional digits for floats than floats actually have, causing a lot of “changes” in text files with floats (like after the 6th fractional digit.

      1. Using git for something like this brilliant..maybe I’ll give that a shot after beta 3. I *did* remember to backup my original 11.41, so I still have that…I just didn’t think about it going between betas, which was dumb.

  10. “nullptr”
    …error here with anything than default aircraft. Hope for a fix soon!

    1. i see this as well with some non-standard aircraft (though not with all) – they used to work in beta1

  11. In Vulkan with Linux, chash instantly. If I start with openGL, no problem. In b1, it worked properly with vulkan. I have a nvidia 1070.

      1. I love the complete lack of corporate BS from Laminar – no excuses, no trying to confuse people into believing there was an unpredictable error, just honesty and fixing things… a refreshing change. Thanks for all your hard work.

  12. Seems a few are getting a “Pipeline must not be nullptr pipeline” than crash reported
    Something to do with clicking on screen changing aircraft or airport

    1. Just as an addition to this: I had exactly this as well after „updating“ a current installation (for sure a copy of it).
      With a vanilla 11.41 and instantly updated installation to 11.50b1 this error was gone.
      I would suppose Laminar to keep this in mind when releasing a final as a lot of users will just update rather than make a clean install.
      I have the impression this has to do with anything inside the preferences that is not updated / reworked correctly after update.

      1. True masochists like to reinstall X-Plane with world-wide scenery; give you hours of pain… 😉

  13. As an owner of a 1050ti with 4GB Vram, should I bother testing with the beta at all until the memory paging issue is addressed? Yes, textures were poor and low Vram errors were happening with beta 1.

  14. Greg from WorldTraffic, noted that the fix of the bug to draw objects had been addressed, but has it in v11.50b2? and is it the same one that affects the ground traffic?

    Overall Vulkan is brilliant, very impressed.

  15. Unfortunately Vulkan is broken for me in Beta 2. OpenGL works fine but the sim won’t start with Vulkan enabled. Crash reports sent.

    1. I just tried a newly installed copy of X-Plane 11.50b2 with no addons and still no success with Vulkan option selected. Crash report sent and I will wait for the next version of the beta.

  16. We are not worthy!

    But we’ll take it… with all the warts and wiggles. 😉 Thanks for wearing out your keyboards, guys.

  17. I found that AI planes decrease obviously the performance of external visual computer from 11.40. I can use it on 11.32. It doesn’t make sense because most of the CPU calculation is on master computer. I also found that AI is not smooth on 11.50. It also cause the stuttering in external computer. We are using Nvidia 2080Ti, the FPS is locked on 60, I think the hardware performance is good to operate XP.

  18. Sky Colors are invaluable in VR as far as I’m concerned, as without the ‘orbit’ setting the sun is far too hazy for a clear day, as is the whole scenery washed out.

  19. Great fix!
    More smooth.
    But mouse pointer in VR (Oculus Rift) doesn’t stay on the same depth.
    Can’t do any clicking in virtual cockpit environment.

    1. Seems that this has not been addressed yet. VR mouse pointer still doesn’t work correctly with Vulkan.

  20. “The sky colors dialog box does not crash! We are actually astonished at how many people reported this – we didn’t think it was a heavily used feature, but … who knew.”

    It’s my first task on starting the sim. My install has always been vanilla as far as shading/weather addon. I run a huge Ortho collection and Sky Colour is the best way to create a more vivid environment.
    b2 operating well here, thanks guys…

  21. Guys, I’m just glad that you are not censoring comments. My last comment on the previous article wasn’t the most praising about your direction (although I’ve tried to keep it constructive), but despite that you’ve still decided it to put it out for everyone to read and comment. I’m thankful that you are not hiding things from people, and not afraid of constructive criticism, great job! 🙂 And please, have a think about the brightness/saturation/color balance sliders!

  22. great work guys. haven’t had a bug yet, a lot of the one’s i did get in the first beta so far are gone. did have to clear out my cache folder before vulkan would start up after updating to beta 2. just a note though, the shadows inside the plane look terrible and jagged.

  23. Is there any way to check whether, and how far, Xplane has lowered resolution because of the VRam issue?

    1. Yes – there are a ton of internal diagnostics. Sidney or I will write a complete blog post explaining how to use these to file bugs once we’re ready to look at VRAM issues.

  24. Any news on the “device loss” bug when activating VR (oculus rift s)?

  25. Something I dont think is right with my system I have a mobile rtx 2060 and an i7 8750H 16gb DDR4 Ram and Im only getting 30fps at the tier below maximum. Should this be greater?

  26. Phenomenal turnaround on the fixes for software that is closer to me to a next release and free!

  27. Wow another congratulation to this Beta 2 Guys.

    VR Works good.

    The only thing i have that the nightlight load up to late they comes behind me not in front. But this is a little thing.

    Groundtextures 3rd Party Addon are there now.

    Xplane Setting:
    Textures: High
    Shadows: Off
    World Objects: High
    Reflections off:
    I7: 7700K 4.6 Turbo 4.8 Watercooled
    GTX 1070 TI 8Gb
    32Gb G.Skill Ripjaws
    Xplane run on a Samsung Evo 970Evo Plus
    Orthos on two HDD

    Thx for the great Work.

  28. I have an error since 11.50 beta 1 and it has not been corrected in beta 2, when I am on a flight there except to return later but when I upload the file, it loads everything normally, however, my flight plan disappears from the FMC and I lose all route, it started at 11.50 never had this problem before, can someone help me?

  29. I have a mistake since 11.50 beta 1 and it was not Corridon Beta 2, when I’m in a flight and saved the file to go back then, when I carry the file, it loads Tudi normally however, my FMC flight plan and I lose all route,

  30. Running in VR i can already see the huge improvement, even @ beta stage. Great effort guys so much appreciation on your efforts

  31. VR works great in Beta2. The wind mills don’t have a moving rotor… is this a bug?

  32. please update the cirrus sf50 and the xplane1000 nav data and change weight and balance so you can put weight in each seat and the baggage weight in the back. some of the real world aircraft have something called baggage extend seeing what that would do to cg would be nice. seeing something like xplane 1000 nxi would be sweet or maybe even a xplene 3000.

  33. Good morning X-plane team, I have been noticing in the 2 beta versions (beta 1 and 2) that the Toliss aircraft the A321 does not have any sound, but the optimization and improvement of FPS is incredible indeed, very good work If the remaining errors such as crashes are gradually improved, sound failure in Toliss aircraft. In addition I have seen another error, the runways come out completely flat as if it were this P3d or FSX: or, kind regards and take care.

  34. I’ve tried Beta 1 and Beta 2, I cant run X plane. Im using the steam version, when I try to launch x plane, nothing happens.

  35. Any chance for this beta 2 to be compatible with us Valve Index VR users? Last time I’ve tried it, only the X-Plane 11 VR mirror was showing my headset responsive, however, it only shows the loading screen with the mountainous background in the VR headset. But I’m seeing posts about people successfully playing this in VR. It works perfect in 11.40, however, so I can fully confirm my hardware is working.

  36. I should probably leave this for when you are ready to get your hands dirty with Out of VRAM errors… but since the question is more of a goal question than the ‘bug’ itself…

    So you said “You do not need more VRAM to run with Vulkan than OpenGL” .. but I also read one of you mention something about “settings to far right”.. I am just checking. Since opengl let me put my settings all or mostly far right if i really wanted to. With 11.41 and textures and objects full right, even with 2gb of vram my system can get 30+ fps in a laminar plane or even a light 3rd party plane and no errors. In a plane like the tbm 900 i get 15fps (which is generally too slow to fly but for testing sake i did it) and NO complaints from x-plane.

    With a laminar plane and the same airport in 11.50 with textures and objects all the way right i get the error. It starts out looking good but then the quality melts away. and then poof.. vram error and xplane exits. Obviously you already stated you will work on it so Im not saying anything new…

    Im asking if the goal is that a GPU that could run in opengl with the major settings full right without errors, will be able to run w/vulcan with the settings full right without errors.

    Keep up great work. beta looks awesome so far!

    1. If you get 30 fps with the LR planes on GL and max tex res, we are aiming to get 30 fps with Vulkan/Metal and max tex res for those same LR aircaft.

      If you get 15 fps with the TBM on GL and max tex res, we aim to get one of:
      – 15 fps with Vulkan and the TBM on max res OR
      – higher than 15 fps with Vulkan and the TBM but the textures NOT looking as sharp.

      Here’s why:
      – The OpenGL driver is _not allowed_ (by the GL spec) to lower tex res when the app is overloading VRAM. It has to juggle things into and out of VRAM to draw at full quality, performance be damned.
      – We have designed the Vulkan/Metal back-end to NEVER juggle things into/out of VRAM mid-frame because if we do that we cannot guarantee that you won’t get a stuttering disaster.

      If the TBM overloads VRAM and the GL driver is swapping, you might get either (1) consistent but low FPS or (2) stuttering. If your 15 fps is consistent but low fps, that is _not_ a case we will emulate in GL.

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