X-Plane 11.50 release candidate 2 is out. We changed a very, very small amount of code from RC1. If you think your performance changed radically from RC1 to RC2, there’s a good chance it’s an unrelated factor, because we didn’t change code that would affect performance.

The big change in this build is a pair of fixes to two crashes, both of which were related to texture paging and could happen more with orthophotos. One of those crashes was in the betas and was a result of a timing bug; in RC1 I cleverly fixed the timing – causing the crash to happen way more often. This is now fixed, so if RC1 was way worse than the betas for you crash-wise, RC2 should fix it.

The other was a crash we’d see after long flights that has been plaguing mostly Mac users (but sometimes Windows users too) for a while – we finally chased it down.

We do have a handful of issues we are still looking at, and I expect we’ll do an 11.51 bug fix patch, as we have done a bug fix patch on all of our big updates; there’s always something we find after we ship.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

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  1. A while ago I got back into flight simming after a long hiatus and have been enjoying 11.50 with the new Vulkan render. Thank you X-Plane team for all the hard work!

  2. So it looks like 11.50 RC2 will go final, Am I right in my assumptions Ben?
    If so when is the ETA?

  3. For the very first time in 11.50 I was getting crashes or more aptly permanent freezes in RC1 after about 30 minutes of flying each time. This could have been the orthophoto issue as I have the entire US tiled. I just made a 90 minutes test flight this morning in RC2 and no crashes. Great work on this latest release.

    Dave S.

  4. Hi there,

    Was there some change between b17 and RC1 with amd cards?

    with b17, i would either get 20fps, 30 fps or 60fps and everything was quite smooth and mostly stutter free.

    with rc1/rc2 anthing below 60fps is very stuttery unless i enable radeon chill to limit the frame rate to 30fps, but i don’t really want to have to do that.

    I filed a bug about just in case.


  5. Is there any plan to fix or at least look at the xLua FPS degradation issues? The 747 model grinds pretty much to a halt after about 4 or 5 hours of flying because xLua is consuming upwards of 40 fps.

      1. Downloaded it today and tried a flight across the Atlantic. The xlua does seem to be working now as there’s no FPS issues anymore and also the nav ids on the MFD are now correct too! Great job. Thanks for for all the hard work! Much appreciated!

  6. So, for me RC2 works really good and stable. Even if you didn’t change the code much my impression is RC2 runs more smooth than RC1. And this strange scenery-bug I saw from distance in mountains is also gone now. Well, anyway I haven’t seen this bug yet..

    Good work!

  7. Greetings,

    Very heavy drop in FPS since RC1 is released guys, it is noticeable, the alpha before RC1 and 2 was fine with FPS, I don’t know what makes it heavy on FPS.


  8. Had a nice IFR flight today across orthophoto scenery, using real-world time/weather and time compression through a lot of it. Same flight crashed on RC1. RC2 showed excellent stability and performance. Great job, guys!

  9. Having not completed a single flight in rc1, despite deleting the FWL plugin and scripts and all instances of groundtraffic plugin in sceneries, I’m happy to report that rc2 has ben able to complete those same flight legs that had CTD in rc1. As well as ‘no plugin’ tests I have even been able to complete a 2hr 20m leg over full ZL16 ortho and x_europe overlays with FWL scripts (mainly tweaking atmosphere and visibility settings) and with ASXP (which I could in b17 but not in rc1). I’ll keep trying to break it, but it looks as if the two big CTD fixes are working. Nice one!

    1. BTW: Did you notice that you can also _disable_ plugins? So you would not have to remove them.
      There are two gotchas, however:
      X-Plane must start (so if you plugin crashes X-Plane, it won’t work)
      The disable flag is not persistent, so you’ll have to disable the lugins every time you started X-Plane

  10. Excellent, can’t wait for the final version and know about the new development surprises for the next version, continue growing

  11. @Laminar

    Very fast, very stable. Good job!

    A few questions, I you have the time to answer them:
    1) Why do I get 95 FPS when visual effects are set to “medium” and 105 FPS when on high? Shouldn’t a higher setting result in less FPS? I reported that “bug” for an early beta.
    2) Why does X-Plane require a restart when changing the anisotropic filtering setting (unlike many games/sims)?
    3) Does RC2 include any changes that explain why I don’t get blurry ground textures in Innsbruck (LOWI) anymore – as I did in RC1?

    By the way, I have no add-ons installed.

    Thank you.

    1. 1. No idea, but the AA settings are quite different, and the usage of the GPU is different too, so it’s not impossible. It is quite unusual.
      2. Because we ran out of time – if we had put in ansio when we did the rest of the settings it’d have been “while you fly”, but having jammed it in at the 11th hour we were aiming for minimal code, minimal introduction of accidental bugs.
      3. No idea – I don’t think we changed anything on that front.

  12. Sorry, RC2 is a no go here.
    The version that I have with plugins and Custom Scenery crashes when Starting a flight.
    The Vanilla version without plugins or Custom scenery crashes before getting to the main menu.
    Tried only on VR…

    Already sent auto-reports from both.

  13. Hi,

    b17 was the best one for me, very smooth and stutter free. Never saw X-plane like that. With RC1/RC2 I have a lot of stutters and tearings (Vsync checked). I would like to get back to b17.


      1. No I didn’t. My second copy is 11.41 but I will do a backup of the latest beta prior testing a new one for sure next time. Thanks,

    1. I am having the same issues. RC2 introduced a great deal of stutters and I am running stock x-plane scenery and getting 65 fps. Flying helicopters is now impossible. What happened in RC2?

          1. I did send one anonymous. Is there a better way that would be more specific. I also fly 4 different version of xplane on the same system. My xplane data folder may be confusing. I have 16, 17 and RC1 and RC2 on same system. Just in case a particular problem develops. I can always go back. With hot swap ssd drives it is easy to have multiple installs and going back to a previous version.

            paul g

    2. I took your suggestion and reverted back to 17. I installed the custom scenery folder into a 17 x-plane. Helicopters flew like magic. great frame rate and no stutters. Not like in RC1 or RC2 . Stutters so bad I stopped flying x-plane. Now back to 17 and happy again.

      thanks for the help


  14. I still get device loss errors apparently due to the vram pager, and a lot of crashes due to SFD autogen (it crashes at the extrude_obj routine), crash reports sent. On a side note, I have a huge library of custom sceneries, doing a “scenery hopping stress test” (moving my aircraft start position from one airport to another) a can make XP 11.5 crash after just 3-4 relocations, 11.41 was rock solid as I could move my aircraft start position again and again to literally hundreds of airports without any crash on a single XP run. I really hope that 11.5 will become for sceneries as rock solid as 11.41 was. Of course I’m testing without plugins, only my huge custom sceneries library.

    1. If you ge ta crash extruding objects, that’s probably scenery pack related but we don’t have a good way of knowing which one. If you could isolate a scenery pack that _reliably_ causes this crash, we could attempt to improve X-Plane’s validation to catch problematic content. The perfect bug report for this would be the minimal set of packs + a .sit file such that when you go to that location you crash. How to save such a .sit when the sim crashes? Go there with scenery slider down, then turn it up.

      1. As I wrote, I already tracked it down to SFD Global Autogen (removing it the crash disappears). I’ll send you a detailed crash report again.

    1. It might, I’m going to switch versions now.. I did update drivers recently but when I did I also installed UWXP so I thought the choppiness was UWXP induced. Let me see if I cursed them devs for nothing :))

    2. LE. Seems you are right, although fps is roughly the same it stutters much much less. TY for the observation.

  15. In 11.50r1 I had this effect, wondering whether it’s considered to be a bug:
    At higher altitude a temporarily saw “unstructured trapezoid surfaces” that were filled with textures a moment later. I have one screen shot showing it.

    Also an idea for the updater (scanning that 100000 files takes quite some time here): Can’t you provide a “quick update” mode that just picks some version number and believes that that version is being installed instead of scanning all those files to come to the same result. If users ruined their installation, there should be an “extensive mode” to try to recover from that.

    1. Which betas? I ask because throughout the beta cycle, work has been done to improve the visuals as compared to the earlier betas. A lot of this work has been focused on the VRAM/Paging management and this _would_ affect framerate, but overall you should definitely be seeing an improvement compared to 11.41 which only had OpenGL.

      The bottom line is that the performance hasn’t been intentionally restrained over previous betas, but it is a factor of making the necessary improvements. For example, the “blurries” were a problem early on but with better VRAM paging schemes that has largely gone away. As always, with finite hardware there _has_ to be a tradeoff between performance and acceptable presentation. If you _want_ the blurries, I’m sure LR could give you back that 10FPS but I’m sure others would absolutely protest the _quality_ of what LR is giving us if that were the case.

    2. That’s been my question since B10. B9 for me was the best – I had just about all settings maxed, including reflections, and was getting around 30FPS in NYC (loads of objects, Drzweicki / Ortho, Zibo 737) in VR mode. Now with settings dialed back, reflections completely off, absolutely no plugins, it drops to 20FPS in VR mode sitting at the gate at KEWR, and I barely see above 30 – 32 in non-VR. Reverting back to 11.41, VR and non-VR are at parity, and much smoother overall. I’ve got bug reports / traces submitted, did it one more time for RC1, but not holding out much hope that I’ll ever see the performance I saw with B9 again.

      1. I had similar results with B9. In fact, I bumped my three monitors up to 2k from 1080p with good results on B9. I have had to go back to 1080p since then. Some folks want the maximum FPS, whereas I am content at 30+, but I was into the 40’s + at 2k before. And it was smooth. Things are good at RC2, but so far not able to squeak out the additional performance I saw with that release. But I can live with 1080p if I have to.

  16. OS: Linux ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Graphic drivers (updated) mesa 20.3

    Update 11.50 rc1 to rc2 crashing (installer dont work).

    This is new. In beta versions, vulkan (with mesa drivers) worked OK, and in rc1 vulkan didnt work.

    Now, I cant update to rc2 because updating crashes (installer dont work).

    Messages from terminal:

    WARNING: had to use SGI vsync function.
    *** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
    Abortado (`core’ generado)

    For me, these updates have been a total reversion.

    I send a bug report.

    Best regards

    1. Did you notice that the installer also wites a Log.txt? You could look there for hints on the reason of the crash maybe.

    2. Solution, use the privative drivers (amdgpu-pro). The result is slower in fps, but all is running OK.


  17. Thanks for all the updates always!! question; RC1 using shadows for buildings and everything else, wont show any shadows and the fps dropped badly, now if I unchecked then I get good fps but shadows only on my aircraft, is that normal? before RC1 I was fine with shadows all over and my aircraft.

  18. RC2 looks and plays brilliantly. Question about flickering displays in LR B737 and the ZIBO, I reported a bug earlier on in the beta cycle. The only thread on the net I can find is from a year ago and that user also had a Pro Vega card like me. It only happens with Metal, Open GL works ok. Also only happens on those aircraft, IXEG and flight factor 757 work fine. Any idea what’s going on?

    1. Jeff
      Do you have another user added in your Network settings?
      If I’m online at the same time as my buddy, we each get flickering displays and back-lights unless we both turn all the dials to maximum…

  19. This is an entry I made in the .org forum: //forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/191184-x-plane-crashes-ohead-or-on-approach-to-egbk/&tab=comments#comment-1751422

    Posted just now

    On 9/29/2019 at 9:27 PM, John M D said:

    Well I’ve run out of ideas, I removed the orthos, removed the airfield which is gateway and tried different aircraft and still the crash happens on arrival overhead,

    If I start the flight from a location nearer to the airfield the sim runs as expected???

    New entry:
    Probably of no interest to anyone but me but on reading Ben’s notes in the developer blog for 11.5 r2 I saw this. “The other was a crash we’d see after long flights that has been plaguing mostly Mac users (but sometimes Windows users too) for a while – we finally chased it down.”

    So I tried my flight to Sywell again with all the bells and whistles i.e custom scenery and orthos. It was the first time I had flown that route without a crash. Coincidence maybe as it was only one flight but I like to think the Laminar team have worked their magic once again. Thanks.

  20. Just tried rc2 after skipping a few betas, works perfectly with Laminar aircrafts, but latest version Airfoillabs Cessna 172 makes it still crash with Vulkan enabled due to the proprietary plugin that comes with the aircraft. I’m on Linux with Radeon Vega64 graphics card. To whom should I file a bug, to you guys or Airfoillabs?

    1. Tried the latest version of Just Flight Turbo Arrow and it crashes because of the same plugin:

      –=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==–

      So it might rather be a problem with X-Plane?

  21. Jennifer, after the release of the final version of 11.50, could you please update the known bugs section on the release notes page ?


  22. first off, thanks for your efforts on update ben.

    sadly its mixed results, B17 was the best so far..
    todays flight EGSS – EDLW Vatsim on the Oculus Rift from start to finish 45 FPS locked and not a single stutter in flight or taxi, a few flickers when passing though the clouds. ( B17 was far far better )… but other than that a great flight…

    However when Stock EGLL comes into view i loose 15 FPS and it’s no longer flyable because the smoothness is gone.. this happens on all settings low or high or aircraft.. its not london or anything external because if i remove Heathrow folder the area is back to being smooth as silk with 70% of the airport still present.. i have also tested a older aerosoft egll v1.0.1 and this indeed fixed the problem…

    any thoughts?

  23. Well done! I had suspected those crashes in RC1 had something to do with my orthophotos… haven’t had a crash yet during my first 4 flights with RC2. Seemed to be getting a crash every other flight with RC1.

  24. Thank you, but unfortunately yesterday worked all perfectly. Today I receive a crash when even loading the splash screen. I tried everything, changed nothing and now it’s totally useless. What can I do?

    1. Load b17 back in. stay away from rc1 or rc2. too many bugs and issues with frame rate. It appears may be related to video drivers.

  25. So here I am, parked in stock-standard LFMP P5 looking at the terminal building with, say, 22+ fps. Behind the aircraft is a hangar, one or two vehicles, and a fence — invisible behind a cabin_prefill.obj. And yet if I look 180˚ back, I get a hit of 5~9 fps, and it’s probably the fence (see no fence, get not hit). Is the prefill object irrelevant in this case?

  26. AMD driver 20.8.3 brings x plane straight to crash screen. AMD made Vulkan changes in this driver update that x plane does not like. Graphics card RX 580 8gb. Bug report filed. Driver 20.8.2 works just fine.

    1. How do i go back to a previous driver? I think i am having the same issue. Although witht he driver update to AMD i was fine it was the after the update of xplane in which i started to crash on initial load. Not sure which is the culprit.

      1. Download the amdcleanuputility from this AMD link: //www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/gpu-601 and run it. This will remove all AMD driver software. Next use windows explorer and navigate to your C: drive. On your C: drive you will find the AMD file. All your driver installations are here. Open AMD and then the driver file you want to install. Run the setup program. That’s it.

    2. 20.8.2 worked fine here. 20.8.3 also good. No change – it just works.
      Ryzen 9 3900X all cores at 4.30Ghz
      AMD RX 5700XT [no overclock]
      32GB @ 3600Mhz
      Best Steve

        1. Rather odd experiences recently. 20.8.3 has been working fine, but today launched with an error. Subsequent attempts all fail now and XP just crashes. It’s as if something has changed over the last couple of days – saying that, nothing different on this end – just a bit weird …

    3. Confirmed: (only RX560 here). Before I updated the driver X-Plane ran fine. Now it crashes early during loading.
      Crashed after “Re-building fbos for window 000001D6C9906BC0”.
      Bug report had been sent.

      1. A note on “before”: Before means driver 20.4.2 (I did not update so frequently, but with Vulkan support I thought(!) the newer driver may run more stable. 😉

  27. I still have ‘vulkan device error’ in RC2! It was appeared in RC1 for the first time. Bug report was sent by automatic report system

  28. Ben,

    RC2 (I skipped RC1) in Vulcan starts up in Seizure mode. That is the simplest way to describe what I see on the screen. All plugins removed except my basic FSE connection Python. On startup I see a zoomed in image of the rwy. if I hit W for default 3D Cockpit view it jumps there for a brief second then pops right back to the zoomed in view. Rolling the Mouse wheel to manage zoom does not control the is issue nor does the keyboard. I can zoom out but it returns almost instantly to the zoomed in view. This describes Open GL. Vulcan is the same. I will file a BUG REPORT but I wanted others to see this in case they too are having similar issues.

    1. Check to make sure you don’t somehow have an axis (joystick, throttle, etc.) assigned to the zoom function. This would behave exactly the way you describe… the axis will set the view to whatever zoom level is defined by the control position, then when you select the default view the axis resets the zoom back to the same level it had already commanded.

  29. Thank you for this.

    First time in my life i saw 120 FPS (:-) parked outside KORH with the engine off in the default Cessna) with forkboy ortho scenery, word …flights are stutter free with this setup:

    i7-8750H@2.2GHz, 16GB RAM, latest Nvidia drivers for RTX2080, Windows build 10.0.19041

    Also happy to report that Carenado REP with the Cessna turbo centurion II works perfectly now! I was using it to do a ’round the world flight from KORH … currently in WSSS (Singapore)… very happy I don’t have to change planes or sim’s to complete it! Thank you!

  30. I started playing around with the first Flight Sim programs – back when they were no more than lines with gauges coupled with LOTS of imagination. In the early 90s, the “other” company came out with what evolved into the “standard” for many years – FSX. I tried other venues but it seemed that we had finally hit the limit of what could be done. I tried early releases of a program called X-Plane and it was complicated and the “feeling” was just not there. I have a copy of X-Plane 9 on my shelf now and it was better, but not “pretty”. When the “other” company put out a release – every few years.. once in a while with a fix – it was widely anticipated, but there was no attempt to “talk” to the customers – just, “Here it is. Take it and like it cause this is all you are going to get”. Then I tried X-Plane 10… Wow! What a difference. This is like real flying – of which I had done some – although never a pilot, but lots of time in the right or left seat (helicopters). It was then that I discovered that this program was produced so that everyone could use it with their equipment – Mac, Windows, and Linux. This explained why they had seemed to lag behind for years. They were trying to reach all audiences .. which added to the complexity of their product. Not only were they dealing with three different OS’s, but with hundreds of variations of equipment being used with these platforms. People complained that it was not working correctly with their motherboard, processor, video, storage or whatever and X-Plane people were actively working to make it work for them. Many resorted to overclocking and that introduced more potential problems. Then, as opposed to the “other” product, they allowed third party developers to introduce other files to their program, which inevitably presented more conflicts. X-Plane continued to work with them and try and make them work. They released pretty frequent “updates” to keep up with interests and technology. They kept trying and producing while the “other” company announced that they were finished with flight simulation after a failed venture called “Flight”. With 11.50, X-Plane has released Vulkan/Metal (yes, so that everyone has access) and keeps on moving forward. Thank you X-Plane team for all the pleasure you have given this 77 year old fan of flying! I understand and appreciate your efforts and ask that those just coming on board (and some that have been here a while) to give you credit for your product and your unwavering attempts to give us the very best.

    1. I just can’t resist: In ancient times flight simulator was spelled “sublogic” (anybody remember?). An the loading time on a Commodore C64 were similar to what X-Plane needs today 😉

        1. Somewhere in there, some programs used cassette tapes, but, as I recall, SubLogic was always on floppies.

  31. Great progress. Congrats X Plane Team.
    I use Steam, and have already updated to rc2.
    Unfortunately I found there is no shadows at all from my aircraft and sceneries/objects. I thick the “Draw scenery shadows” option in the graphic menu. Then I tried to un-thick the draw-scenery-shadows option, resulting only my aircraft that has shadow. Other ground/scenery do not have.

    This has never happened on previous release, 11.41, 11.50b14-17.

    I have tried revalidating the files, run again, and still occurred no shadows.
    Does anyone have same no-shadow issue? Or it is just my system?
    Finally I had to revert back to public release 11.41 version. Shadows are back.

    Or is there a way to have back the release 11.50b17 since it has no problem on my system.

  32. @ Laminar

    The release notes mention no compatibility problems for Orbx. Nevertheless, I always get very blurry textures using Orbx – across multiple X-Plane versions (betas and release candidates) and across different computers (tested it on a high-end PC with an RTX 2080 and a 2017 iMac with 4 GB of VRAM).

    Do you know why that is?

  33. Guys, an off-topic question here…
    Do you set any limits on the SIM on how much VRAM it can use?
    I’m asking that because I’m considering a RTX 3090 which have 24Gb of VRAM, but I would only get that because X-Plane uses a lot of VRAM when using custom and complex scenery, so if you tell me that there is a limit on the SIM, I’ll go with the 3080…


    1. At the moment x-plane can’t even fully tax a 2080ti at 4k res, filled with zl18 orthophotos. the limiting factor is still cpu speed: get some cpu that can turbo to 6ghz, that’ll really improve frame rate; i’d hold off buying a new graphics card when x-plane can fully load a current-gen model.

      1. I agree that it doesn’t tax all the processing capabilities of my 2080 TI, but it does use all the VRAM that I have on it..

          1. No, I’m just asking that if I had 24G of VRAM instead of 11G, if X-plane would use it all if needed, or if there is a limit set on the software for that.

          2. We do have an upper bound on VRAM use – in that if you have no more content to put in VRAM, we won’t just fill it with junk. So there isn’t infinite benefit the way there might be from (theoretical) infinite clock speed.

          3. If you mean numerically, it varies based on monitor(s) resolution, settings, AA, aircraft, scenery, add-ons…basically once we don’t have anything else to _put_ in VRAM, we can’t just fill it up with made up data. But the actual upper requirement (where you’re avoiding some paging, down-res, AGP traffic, etc.) depends on content.

  34. As nobody did mention it here (I had filed a bug report already): 11.50 crashes (without the crash reporter popping up) when 124thATC tried to program a flight plan (SID, STAR) into the FMC.
    (While waiting for X-Plane to have the “better ATC” announced for version 10, I’m using 124thATC)
    Unfortunately the project does not see to be very much alive (no newer version available), so I hope LR did not break the API for that plugin (meaning: LR might make that plugin work again).

    1. This is exactly what I am trying to say in each comment, We didn’t get the promises we have from LR in version 10, So we go and get all these promises from third-party plugins, and we join the Beta program with the hope that LR do improvements to these broken parts of sim and do their promises. Then when we complain about a crash or performane issue, they tell us to try without plugins and not use Beta 😀

      1. I want to be clear about one thing for everyone: when we say “please try X without add-on Y”, it is usually not because we want you to stop using add-on Y.

        It is to try to determine whether the problematic behavior _requires_ the presences of add-on Y to happen.

        If a problem can be reproduced without an add-on, it is much much faster for us to track it down. If a problem requires an add-on, we have to contact the author to characterize what the add-on is doing. So that’s almost always the first question we have to ask.

        1. Thanks for your comment despite my critism.
          But I have the feeling that you in LR tried many years to escape from the fact that have thousands of important bugs, you were trying to always blame the addons, the devices and even the Operation System, I also have the feeling that you never tried to catch bugs with yourself and squash them, you was waiting for all testers to convince you many times that you really have a great issue.
          Yes to be fail I can see that this changed recently, and now you are caring about fixing bugs more than before and I appreciate this, but this may happened because all of our critising comments here, and maybe because of my comments 😀 😀

          1. Are you _kidding me_? I have spent most of my time since January squashing 11.50 bugs. It’s not all I do, but it’s most of it. If you think I don’t fix bugs when I am fixing bugs that are not the bugs you reported, I don’t know what to tell you.

          2. Facts not feelings.
            So forgett your feelings, COUNT the bugs fixed by each new version.

            And a lot of bugs were fixed before your comments 🙂

          3. I can’t not comment…

            Ahmad, using any beta system is volunteering yourself to be a tester.

            It’s difficult to be a good tester: The attention to detail, remembering their steps, trying different combos – at work, a good tester is saving developers time, of which there’s nothing spare. If a dev has to asks questions, they do their best to narrow down that elusive bug.

            No-one wants the customer-as-a-tester. It’s painful. It’s like being in a room with all your evil ex’s. They wont let you forget, and it was all your fault…

          4. Ahmad, your feelings are not relevant to this topic. If you have any bugs then report them. The number of solved bugs contradict your feelings. Please come back when you have some thoughts and facts to contribute. Hoping you can work through your feelings in private.

  35. Really enjoying the latest update in VR. I keep watching for UltraLeap’s Leap Motion sensor to get emulators for the major VR platforms. I appreciate your comment in //developer.x-plane.com/2018/02/x-plane-11-20-vr3-is-live/ regarding development challenges. I think UltraLeap is showing it is a solid technology. That’s why I think Leap emulators would be the way to go. They would act like native controllers, but with hand gestures. Right now I have my primary flight controls in my hands, but when I want to flip a switch, open a door, move the iPad or other things like that, I have to use the Oculus Touch controllers. My practice is to put them in my lap until I need them. Perhaps you can encourage some of your developer friends to write some emulators?

  36. With the quagmire in progress over at ‘release HQ’ wouldn’t it be devasting if your guys could produce the perfect ‘RC’ and we’d all live happily everafter or ‘for a while’ at least.

  37. B17 was excellent for me. i updated to RC1 because it was telling about VR improvement l, but since RC1 I had loss of fps and increment of stuttering! And now, after the last update of steamVR a lot of ctd!!!!!

  38. I’ve got no bug to raise or issue to air, just wanted to say thanks to the LR team for RC2 as it’s been most excellent on my 2017 iMac and is smooth and works like a charm with my eGPU and external screen. I really appreciate your efforts supporting us “fringe” Linux and Mac users. Man, I can run ground shadows and clouds now when that used to be just a dream! 🙂

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