X-Plane 11.50 quietly went final yesterday. Very quietly.

We’re trying something new with this release: a phased roll-out. Here’s how it works:

  • 11.50 is final – if you run the installer and request updates, you’ll get 11.50, regardless of whether you check ‘get betas’.
  • Only some users are being auto-notified of the update.
  • Over the next few days, we’ll slowly crank up the number of auto-notifications until it is everyone.
  • Steam users: you still have to opt into the beta – we’ll mark the Steam 11.50 version as final probably tomorrow.

We are trying the phased roll-out to make sure support doesn’t get overwhelmed; some add-ons need to be updated for 11.50 compatibility, and we didn’t want Thomson and company to go down the tubes helping users get their add-ons updated.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

105 comments on “X-Plane 11.50 Is Here

  1. It’s an honor to (maybe) be the first to congratulate you, them team, and all us users with the final version of 11.50.

    It was a dream for a lot, that we could have more FPS out of Vulkan, and also one of the other main goals (less or none flicker).

    I’ve not got a better X-plane than ever!
    However, I am looking much forward to X-plane 12 as well.
    I really hope we will get some great news coming, now Vulkan etc. is implemented well.

    (Of cause, the heli missions are my heart of flying, so I really really hope we will get an improvement for helis – not at least that (better) outside camera I always hammer you about! 🙂

    Congrats all!!

  2. .. terrible misspell detected:
    I’ve NOW got a better X-plane than ever!
    Sorry 🙂
    Congrats again.

  3. Congrats!

    I will do my best to try to delay asking about what graphical/feature improvements are coming to 11.60 even though I am super excited about that 🙂

  4. Many congratulations also from my side. I was quietly running the beta and RC for the last two months or so. Everything works very stable on my system and I’m more than happy with this release.

    X-Plane is a wonderful product which allows me to customize my installation the way I want it.

    Many thanks for this awesome work.

    Best wishes from Bavaria

  5. Ben, I’ve been trying to run the installer since yesterday and clicking on update x-plane, but after checking all the files it still shows that my x-plane is up to date.
    When I run it, is still shows X-Plane 11.50r3 (build 115033 64-bit).
    The check for Beta box is checked.

    Were there any changes from RC3 to the final version?


      1. Is that still with the AMD drivers bug? I’ve rolled back my drivers but not everyone who runs plane will know how to do that and if you don’t roll back the drivers then no VULKAN.

        1. Still AMD bug .. No Vulkan with radeon 20.8.3 .. Don’t want to roll back, so i’ll wait for the next update from LR or AMD ..

        1. We never do that – the release candidates are cut _as if_ to be perfect releases. Otherwise we could cut a release candidate, it passes test, then we cut the REAL release and something goes wrong in the build process (it’s very rare because it’s automated, but it’s not never) and when we hit go, boom – every user is dead at once and we don’t know why.

          We could get around that by testing that ‘final final’ release but….that’s what the RC _is_.

          This is why the release candidates don’t say “beta” or “release candidate” anywhere in the screen.

  6. @Ben:
    Is there a list of plugins that are known to require an update or are otherwise incompatible (for use with OpenGL and / or Vulcan & Metal)?

  7. Just thank you for all of your work. Congratulations 🙂 Thanks for this great simulator. Even if the media and many other people are hyping the new Microsoft flight simulator, xplane is simply the more realistic simulator in my mind. MFS looks great but feels like a game. Xplane, on the other hand, is a professional flight simulator in my opinion. Please never let Microsoft intimidate you and confidently continue with your great work as before. I’m looking forward to the future with xplane and I’m curious to see how xplane will develope.

    1. ^ This. I can’t believe the amount of press MS2020 is getting, it’s basically eye candy right now with massive glaring flaws and they’re eating it up… There’s nout as strange as folk..

      1. Congrats to all the team at LR for this huge milestone!

        Now… MSFS2020 graphics (or better!) in X-Plane ? Hehe!
        I’m not really getting the hype for Microsoft’s sequel… It feels so arcade-y to the core and bare. I’d love to see something with actual realistic flight dynamics (which X-Plane has), along with the great graphics of other sims.

        Great job, once again! Great sim 🙂

        1. Yes, especially when you land the a320 and look from outside.. The landing looks like a gta5-landing. That’s no joke..

          And I even think the graphics in xplane 11 looks also more realistic than in MFS. The satellite-maps in MFS looks quite strange in some areas. It doesn’t suit the autogen sometimes.. In my opinion xplane doesn’t need any satellite-maps.. It looks good and realistic even without satellite-maps..

          1. Hi Ben and team. You’re doing a great job continually rolling out these improvements and making X-plane a better product.

            However, I am a little afraid of LR being treated as the Emperor (of “new clothes” fame) in respect of FS2020. Yes, FS2020 does do the eye candy thing very, very well, but I don’t like how readily it is dismissed in these comments and similar forums. I can’t comment on the flight characteristics of tubeliners, because I tend to limit myself to planes I could have a chance of flying in real life (ie single engine props), but from my POV, there’s really not a lot of difference in the feel between X-plane and FS2020, especially if you turn off things like auto-rudder.

            What I can say is that there are many, many things which FS2020 does so much better than X-plane, which have nothing to do with either eye-candy or flight model. For instance:

            • Co-pilot for tuning the radios
            • Assistance with ATC by way of prompts
            • View adjustments, especially the one that focuses directly on the runway
            • Multi-player

            There are still plenty things which X-plane is better at:

            • The moving map is more functional, with the ability to adjust the user’s location mid flight
            • X-plane does, of course, have VR already
            • A massive community of free and paid for add-ons and scenery

            I think there is a temptation for any group, hard-core simmers included, to become more insular in the face of a threat. In real life, flying a plane is actually a hard thing to do. Why shouldn’t a sim offer degrees of assistance to help the non-real world pilots. Is this really a bad thing? If a sim can be made to offer fidelity to real life AND mass appeal, isn’t that the best of both worlds? I’m pretty sure LR would like to enjoy the kind of sales success FS2020 is achieving.

            I have every intention of continuing to use both sims. In conclusion, Ben, I think the competition is healthy. I know Vulcan/Metal has been a big project for you and forms the groundwork for the next round of improvements. I look forward to seeing what they are.

  8. Congrats to the team. I was not aware of testing the final version (rc3). Since b17 and all rc’s, this has been very stable, both in non-VR as in VR. After a long period of development this is a major step. The new graphics technology has brought us a big step forward, the sim is much more in line with the growth in graphical technology that new developments in hardware have given us.

    This makes me look forward to the next step where X-Plane will get us, also inspired by the future plans. Where a relatively small team can make a huge difference in this world!

  9. For those seeing very high-frame rates (i.e. 70-80+) but who still see visual evidence of very tiny micro-stutters, try running with the parameter “–lock_fr=60” to lock your FPS down to 60. I run under Linux and this seems to improve the really tiny hesitations I sometimes see in scenery when flying near the ground. This parameter may or may not work for Windows fans.

    Specifically under Linux, I run XP as follows:

    gamemoderun ./X-Plane-x86_64 –lock_fr=60

    Note: the ‘gamemoderun’ is a command which optimizes Linux for running a game. It also helps to reduce micro-stutters by turning off CPU throttling.

    1. Note: the “-” in the comment I made above, before the lock_fr, should be a double-dash, not a single dash.

  10. Congrats to you and all of the Team , Ben , for the hard work you have done !

    I am a simple simmer with a modest cockpit who was confined in Paris since 6 monthes … I was following this Dev Blog everydays from my new home in Normandie without doing any flight to test … I did a bunch of flights last weekend with 11.50rc3 (Zibo) and it was a real pleasure to see all improvements … running XP with one pc i7 8700k (4,8ghz) a gtx 1080ti holding 2 screens 32″ 2540×1440 (32/9) and a second pc “glass cockpit” ZHSI with 3 screens10″ , a 13″ and a 5″ for cdu , I was happy to get no more freezes , stutters and so on , it was fluid “à souhait” …

    Sorry for my French English


  11. Vulkan is here, YOU made it guys!
    Thank you so much! I have stable 60 fps with no stutters – you delivered, go party while we fly :)))

  12. Actually 11.50r1 made me buy X-Plane 11 because with Vulcan (and my AMD RX560) it had the performance I wanted. Before I was stuck at version 9…

    1. ** ahem **
      Yes! Good idea!
      Lemme buy some thickets to the Bahamas to each one of you!

      ** fake mustache falls off**

      1. Not so fast boys, let’s get 11.51 out first and fix a few more bugs and the little annoyances that have been carried over for years.

        Oh and thank you thank you thank you for implementing Vulkan, this is a major milestone!

      2. Not so fast boys, let’s get 11.51 out first and fix a few more bugs and the little annoyances that have been carried over for years.

        Oh and thank you thank you thank you for implementing Vulkan, this is a major milestone!

  13. Ben & Team, thanks for all of the hard work!
    Quick question: Have there been studies pertaining to Windows 10
    Gaming Mode and XPlane? Just came across this today, in regards
    to something separate.


    1. X-plane already has a gaming mode (like Microsoft (“everybody can fly”)): Just use the Cessna, give full throttle and keep the plane on a straght line more or less 😉
      Or what did you have in mind?

  14. A huge congratulations to you and the team on a job very well done.

    X-Plane is now really well positioned for the future. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing simulator.

    Did you and the team do anything to celebrate?

  15. This a.m. courtesy of ‘Steam’. You guys done good. Better rendering with my modest system and smooth as glass. Watched Austin’s little blurb about weather on ‘Navion’ -looks great -bring it on.

  16. Good evening, congratulations for the work done, but I have a problem before the final version of vulkan 11.50 the X-Plane 11 detected the Thrustmaster Flight Hotas x without problems and with this version it does not detect it I have windows updated to the latest update. Is it possible that it is not compatible with 11.50? Thank you.

  17. Congrats Laminar. I am excited to think about what these underlying improvements to the engine will allow you to implement in the near future.

  18. Wait, Steam users still have to opt in for the Beta? I started my XP11 yesterday (10/09/2020 @ 2000Z) and it said 11.50 in the startup/splash-screen and the tick box for vulkan option was there. Does that not mean I have the updated version despite not having opted in for the Beta? (I just don’t want to change my “beta preferences” for nothing if it’s already updated).

  19. Good morning, first congratulations on the great work and the second is that before the final version 11.50 the x plane detected me the Thrustmaster flight hotas x and since I have updated to the final version it does not detect it, I would like to know if there is any problem compatibility with the new update. Thank you

  20. 5 months of the open beta, 19 open beta releases, over a year of development. Honestly, hard to believe we’re finally here. Thank you for all your hard work, and please take a moment to catch a breath. You deserve it.

  21. Good news and seems work perfect.
    I hope that with this base, they are already working on an X-Plane 12, with which all users have been claiming and also to face FS2020.
    Improvement of Meteorology, Stations, improvements in scenarios and autogen, gateway improvements (to avoid having to resort to third-party libraries) and few but fully functional aircraft (including circuit brakers and other systems).
    There are airplanes that are worthless, like the MD80, Cirrus, etc. Better few airplanes and 100% functional than many and that are not worth anything. I hope !!!

    1. The Cirrus is not “worthless”, it is my favourite plane and, as far as I know, quite popular among X-Plane users.

        1. As someone who had to sit in the last row a few times next to the engines (once even on a non-hush kit DC-9), I admit it took a little while for me to appreciate that the front end of the MD-80 might be enjoyable.

          Perhaps OP is in the same boat.

          Also, I don’t think OP realizes how much freaking work 3D cockpits are versus 2D. It amazes me we have any complex planes.

  22. These times it is difficult to do a roll-out “quietly”. I got the message through all kind of media channels that 11.50 was released and spent over an hour figuring out why my X-Plane insisted that 11.41 was up-to-date. Phased roll out might be a good idea but please communicate clearly about it.

  23. I had fear taking Vulkan to final might drag up until Christmas…. Good it is done now, looks great for me!

  24. Thanks and Congrats with the new version!!! Its Great. But, I Can´t see traffic with Vulkan checked while flying in IVAO. Is that correct? So I have to fly without Vulkan to see all traffic in ivao. ANy explanation for that? Thanks!

      1. Yes I tried with it, but its a issue between CSLs and Altitude, that crashes the sim so its impossible to fly. I thnik they are working on it. Thanks for your reply Ben, have a nice day!

  25. Hi, has anyone noticed these strange reflections on the water? what are these dark and light streaks starting at the horizont, it seems there is nothing to reflect but the sky, still it looks like the silhouette of tall buildings or something.


  26. Now that this Vulkan version is out, let me say what I still dislike very much:
    ATC! You can program a flight plan in GPS or FMC, and then you’ll have to repeat yourself when filing a flight plan for ATC (124thATC has the option “take flight plan from FMC”). OK so good, but when flying your plan ATC gives you instructions contray to your programmed flight plan. Whom to follow? FMC ot ATC.
    Naturally ATC should know your realy flight plan.

    Another thing: AFAIK KHAF (Half Moon Bay) has no tower, but “Unicom”. Still you can file a flight plan using the tower. Kind of odd, isn’t it?

    And ATC still guides helicopters to runways, not helipads:
    “I/ATC: S-76 6XP, Fly heading 1 9 0, vectors for the visual approach runway 28L, descend and maintain 2 thousand.”

    Finally (I don’t know a real GPS) I’m missing ILS info in the “airport page” of the GPS. Old ProPilot ’99 (21 years old now) had it in GPS. It seems the map in 11.50 also doesn’t dsplay ILS infos.

    1. -> It seems the map in 11.50 also doesn’t dsplay ILS infos.

      Select “Low IFR enroute” mode, they are there for me.

  27. I get Vulkan lost something when flying around CYQL. I loaded back into xplane but did not save the log file. I’ll try to replicate the crash as it has been happening with this build but it does not give me the automatic file a bug. By the way other than that it is a great sim to fly in. Thank you!

  28. Ben congratulations to you and Austin, and the whole team ! Now that you can put this behind you and move forward (except of course for the usual bug fixes) . I’m hoping that online multiplayer can get some love now. 🙂 we really need to see these synchronized multiplayer close formation aerobatic displays done properly in X-plane 11. we waited for so long and there really is a huge online aerobatic community. Backed by some real world aerobatic teams, and real world champion aerobatic pilots. I know this because I work with them every day on our own products. DCS is currently our platform of choice , but is becoming increasingly more difficult to work with and we desperately need a new platform. FS 2020 is absolutely not even a contender. And as you know, I have always endorsed you guys I believe in you guys, have been with you guys From the very beginning. I’m looking forward to the future of possibilities.

    1. This is pretty cool.

      In all seriousness, the lighting model is really what’s holding x-plane back in terms of “realistic graphics” more than any other factor. It’s not the number of objects, its not the realism of the roads (unless i suppose you are a helicopter pilot), and its not the raw FPS (as we’ve all seem to discovered, consistent FPS seems to be more important) This is *not* a criticism.

      People don’t realize it because our eyes compensate unconsciously for it all the time, but the sun is #$%^ing bright. It is way more than 256 times as bright as pitch black night. And RGB color acts funny at the edges. Once you hit 256 on one of the channels, the only way to make it brighter is to add more from one of the other channels, which lowers the saturation and changes the hue, until you max out that second channel. (Which is why most mods which try to modify atmospheric scattering end up blowing out cyan at the horizon.) You also get the same problem in reverse. I think to a large degree this is why atmospheric scattering tends to be more grey in x-plane than the incredibly bright blue that it should be. X-plane mobile handles this better. But there are also other things that happen due to working within these limitations.

      For instance, near sunset, the water should be reflecting way more of the sun, at a greater angle, because in real life the sun is so incredibly bright that even significantly off angle, there is enough reflection. X-plane probably uses some non-absurd (for the lighting model) value of the sun which is orders of magnitude less bright than the sun. I think for this reason, we also don’t see sun reflections from random waves (regardless of the fact its not ray tracing… the value of the sun on the cube map reflection is just too low).

      Again, none of this is criticism… it would just require a re-write of the lighting engine that needs real-life values for light and scattering and probably a lot of re-texturing, and unfortunately, a re-write of the tonemapping/“eye simulator” which is kinda necessary for outdoor lighting. (During the eclipse a few summers ago, when 97% of the sun was blocked in my area, everything started looking like x-plane does. Realistic, but crammed into a very non-realistic dynamic range.)

      I think if it was done though, and objects were drawn in the right order, stuff would just “happen” – clouds would look more realistic (even without changing) since they’d get distance hinting from a properly working atmospheric scattering model (ie, they’d look bluish white with blue grey bottoms mid distance, and would look very washed out in the distance) – only looking “white and grey” when you are within a few hundred meters of the cloud.

      Anyway, x-plane is awesome and i think most of the fixes needed are just nerdy math stuff for lighting 🙂

      1. Congratulations …. and thank you to the whole team.

        I agree that changing look and feel to be realistic can be done by changing the default ground and object textures,and using something like Reshade, volumetric clouds, and tuning the atmospheric effects … the whole look and feel could be radically overhauled without requiring a lighting engine rewrite.

        Of course you need different values for times, seasons, weather…. but its easier than writing code …. 🙂

  29. Just wanted to add my congrats. As an avid heli flyer I am really enjoying 11.50. Didn’t take part in the betas so experiencing 11.50 for the first time.
    XP is running lime a dream and I am sure things are just that bit smoother.
    The update was easy and much faster than I was expecting, so all good!
    Keep up the great work, and looking forward to seeing what you giys do next!

  30. Flew low today over roads in the UK.
    All thee cars are all driving on the wrong side of the road 🙂

  31. As many of the others, I have been trying out the beta versions of 11.50 and have had mixed experiences, depending upon which fixes got in to a particular beta version. Nonetheless, I loaded the release version of 11.50, and along with a new external graphics processor, am now very impressed with its performance on my Mac based system. I was never able to run the simulation with clouds until now, and am very pleased that I can now practice my IFR flying in IMC.

    Thanks to the Laminar Research team…

  32. What a journey this has been! I’m seeing massive framerate improvements (about 40% average) on my definitely NOT gaming laptop, since the first betas… 11.50 makes this sim way more playable and waaaay more enjoyable on lower end machines, my GPU is no longer the bottleneck. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU

  33. First. I saw a big improvement in FPS with this new 10.5 . I was getting 15 to 20 fps now I am getting up to 70 fps in some airports which is great. However, I am little disappointed with x-plane. XP11 Atis system is a mess. I was listening to ATis and it was giving me wind 010 why it was assigning me runway 18 when 36 was the one it supposed to be assigned. It is a bug or the ATC system in x plane is trash. How I can correct this? Is this a bug or it is a long x plane thing?

    1. It depends on the airport – if the airport has a user-made “flow” that is set up wrong, you’ll get the strange result. I don’t think the auto-generated flows have this bug.

    2. Some airports will use takeoff runways with a tailwind component for the sake of noise abatement procedures. CYYC is one of these where the tailwind component can be up to 5 knots before the preferred runway is no longer used.

  34. Splendid work all of you in the Laminar team!!
    Have been running seperate installations of ver. 11.41 and a clean, basic 11.50 for testing during this whole process with betas and finally made the update of my 11.41 installation yesterday. Dispite a whole bunch of addon airports, Orthos, plugins regarding both enviromental fine tuning and handy goodies inside the cockpit, weather applikations, Vatsim, mission engines etc. and always flying a Bell 407 in VR there wasn’t a single problem afterwords!!! Only isiue was fixing the sound in the Bell 407 but that is known since before and the fix is already present so that doesn’t count.
    Not a single glitch and buttersmooth flying at any location, with high or maximum on most graphic settings, with or without plugins, and with VR at stable fps-levels that´s far higher than with the Open-GL driver (in some cases +10 fps in VR witch is quite remarkable!!!). All this on a PC with an i9 9900K, 32 Gb RAM, a RTX 2060 SUPER OC 8Gb and an SSD-disc with HP Reverb googles. Couldn’t be more pleased.
    X-plane is shown to be top notch as a flight simulator for us that use this as a complement to the IRL-flying and this update didn’t change that statement at all so… Thank’s again all you folks at Laminar for your efforts in keeping this sim at the frontline!

  35. An improved lighting model would be nice. And, as I noticed in 11.50 final, the team could also work on further performance improvements. My CPU (I5-9700KF) runs at about 50% most of the time, but increases to 100% infrequently when I’m flying from the European continent to England because of burst loading ORBX scenery and some payware airports. I wouldn’t mind my CPU to run at 70% all the time, because of a more gradual loading of the new scenery and airports. For IFR flights X-Plane could roughly know which scenery has to be loaded from departure till destination, which it can work on even while I am on the ground in the departing airport. Compliments for the performance improvements so far and the stability of 11.50!

  36. Just wanted to share my most recent experience with you all. Had an unsmooth experience with RC3 aka 11.50 with good/high FPS but micro stutters when the FPS where lower than 50. I tried to get rid of this issue by deleting the shader cache and preferences folder, getting rid of all plugins, toogling between windowed and full screen mode, turning off and on Vsync, using a frame rate limiter, updating XP via the Updater etc. and nothing helped until I turned off Vulcan and switched to Open-GL for a short flight and than turned Vulcan back on in the settings. Now everything is smooth again and I wonder why this happened…?

  37. Hey Ben 🙂

    just wanted to ask about the system of the position of the sun. When the dusk of the evening is in real-life and you still can see everything outside, in xplane it is already dark as night.. When I set the time minus 25 minutes it suits the reallife-sunset.. Will the position of the sun fixed sometime?


  38. Thanks LR for a great Simulator. I got a question regards CPU and GPU time frame
    At the moment on my rig i get 0.0200 Cpu frame time and 0.0063 in gpu time.

    Will LR improve the cpu usage on the simulator ? To lower the cpu time.
    biggest fps killer is the use of cpu.

    my spec is 9900k 5ghz and its killing my frames.


  39. Hi Laminar Research,
    you guys and gals make my life richer. Vulkan performs extremely well in my Radeon RX Vega 11 Onboard Graphics. For 80 to 90% of the time, I have more then 30 fps, and only very rarely, for about 3 min, it drops to 19 fps. Now, an fps of more than 40, sometimes more than 60 is quite common on my system.

    I don’t need to upgrade my computer and I can fly with IVAO! I love you.

  40. Upon launch, X-Plane still does not prompt me to upgrade. In about, it still show 11.4.. as being up to date. Why is this?

      1. I’m running (and have been since release) the installer and it’s NOT updating. Still says the last 11.50rX beta is “up to date”. So…. what gives?

      2. “Ben Supnik says:
        September 17, 2020 at 10:21 am
        Not everyone is auto-updated – if you want 11.50, just run the installer and pick ‘update’.”

        Howdy! I’ve been running the manual update from the installer app since 11.50 went live and it still says I’m up to date on 11.50r3. How do I “make it” update sans full delete and re-install?

  41. He team, concerning then Radeon Adrenalin 20.8.3 driver issue.

    Last night AMD release 20.9.1. It still seems to clash with X-plane 11.50, can you confirm? Any idea when AMD will have this fixed (there’s a whole load of other instabilities that seems to be fixed in 20.9.1 which makes it otherwise an attractive release).

    Many thanks!

  42. My performance in 11.50 is better with vulkan unchecked then with it checked? I have a vulkan capable card GTX 1080. I’m not understanding what’s going on. I’ve tried everything.

    1. Have you updated your plugins, have you looked at the plugin admin drop down to see which ones are causing the issue, have you checked the log to see if there are any errors, this update is all about getting rid of the badly done plugins, code and textures, which is why it main run ok in OGL not vulcan. If you havnt done the above you havnt done everything

  43. I sold my RTX 2080 (but didn’t get the 3080 of cause lol) so went back to my old GTX 970.
    Still getting a steady 50 FPS on ground…
    I’m amazed 🙂

  44. Hello, what is the best/easiest flight planner to use now that Goodway is no longer compatible with 11.50? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  45. Hi,
    Despite having a new PC set (I9 9900K, RTX 2070 S, 32Gb ram), I do get regular Vulkan device loss error. It is happening usualy every 2nd or 3rd flight. I dont about 60 minutes flights on Vatsim and CTD is absolutely no-go. So for now I am not using Vulkan and have no idea if I ever will. I just have a ZIBO and X-pilot+Better pushback. I tried all possibilities that I foud on the web, but nothing works. I dont understand how it is possible that with new and strong PC and do get this.

  46. Hi All and X team

    Seems everybody is having a blast with their version of 11.50 alpha not so quick i make airports currently making one at the moment but i am pissed with laminar because they think this is finished well i have news for them it isn’t and this is why!!! before i put the alpha download in i was experiencing higher frame rates i was getting 49 + 50 FPS on models with 2049 resolution with full antialiasing and medium texture but since i downloaded the alpha version i am getting if i am lucky 29 + 30 FPS not sure what you did but you have killed it for me and you better fix it because i want those frame rates back i have done nothing to my computer i just downloaded from my installer before anybody mentions it

  47. too bad, RX2700XT with last AMD driver (20.9.1) : still can’t activate Vulkan with x-plane 11.50..

  48. Hi guys,
    yesteday I wrote here regarding the Vulkan crash. I dont know why, my message is not here. Will you still investigate the Vulkan device loss error? I have a new PC and it is happening to me all the time. It is not pluging problem it happend to me also with clear install. Every second flight I do have CTD and Vulkan loss error, despite having I9 9900K+RTX 2070Super. Is there any way I could investigate why this is happening? I dont use Vulkan because of this. But I wonder if it will ever be fixed or if it is actualy a characted of Vulkan… Thanks

    1. Hi,

      Comments to this blog are moderated, so your comment may not appear for up to a few days, depending on how fast we are.

      Blog comments are _not_ a way to get tech support. Someone from LR reads every single comment to the blog (they’re moderated, so we have to), but this doesn’t open a ticket, this doesn’t reach support – there’s no one that follows up here.

      You can contact support and they’ll open a ticket.

  49. OMG, guys. I just cant believe that you actualy deleted both of my comments. It was not an insult. I was just asking for your help, nothing else. I really liked X-plane since v10. I suppose that because you deleted both of my comments it is something you cant deal anymore, regarding the Vulkan. Well I wish you best of luck. You did a great job with Vulkan and I am happy for you. But it is not for me. P3D V5 here I go. Best of luck guys. Feel free to deleted it. At least I know that you have seen this message.
    Best regars

  50. Nothing to do qith 11.5 but
    Well you just lost face book, they now demand you have an account to view your face book page, i removed mine years ago, so thats now out of reach, at least twitter still allows viewing, dont have an account with them either.

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