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What’s the Log File For?

X-Plane's log file is our attempt to capture everything we could possibly want to know about your computer in case something goes wrong.  (There's no personal information in there - we want to know things like what kind of CPU … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Can’t Change Aircraft-Based Datarefs

A month ago the blog was quiet because there was a lot I couldn't talk about; now it's quiet because I am up to my eyeballs in X-Plane 10. I'll try to get out a few posts I've been meaning … Continue reading

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Plugin-Based Prop Discs

I was discussing plugin-controlled prop discs with a third party developer. The developer wanted to know if custom prop disc control would end up inside Plane-Maker. It may end up doing so, but I don't think this would be nearly … Continue reading

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Musings on CSLs

Now that Wade has XSquawkBox 1.0.3 out, I've been thinking about CSLs - that is, the collections of simplified airplanes that XSquawkBox uses to draw the other users. The CSL system was invented back in the days of X-Plane 6, … Continue reading

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Plugin-Drawn Objects Do Not Exist

Version 2.0 of the plugin API (available in all versions of X-Plane 9) introduces three new routines that, for the first time, allow plugins to work with OBJs. XPLMLoadObject and XPLMUnloadObject load an OBJ file (a model mesh) into memory, … Continue reading

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Plugin Performance

This blog post is for amateur plugin developers. By amateur I mean: some plugin developers are professional programmers by day, and are already familiar with all aspects of the software development progress. For those developers, the SDK is unsurprising and … Continue reading

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Custom Plugin Instruments

A quick tip to anyone using OpenGL and a plugin to make custom instruments. (The most common case of this I can imagine is customized glass displays, where it may not be practical to use 10,000 generic instruments, and the … Continue reading

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I Accidentally Documented Something

Normally I try to make the X-Plane scenery and modeling system as opaque as possible -- I want to make sure that nobody ever actually uses the rendering features that I spend weeks and weeks developing. But the other night … Continue reading

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XSquawkBox Transition

We've made some progress in transitioning XSquawkBox to be under Wade's primary management - read more here.

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Plugin Broken? It’s Temporary

I just found out from a user that Chase View Delux doesn't work with X-Plane 940 beta 4. Here's what's going on: Plugins often end up running X-Plane code - when you make a call to the X-Plane SDK, the … Continue reading

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