Chris and I bashed at the developer site (that is, this site today); sorry about any dead URLs – things should be more stable now.

I have (finally) posted a new build of XPTools; there are two items of note:

  • The new build of DSFTool, which can read and write X-Plane 10’s DSF raster data layers.
  • The new DDSTool can write gamma 2.2 DDS files for X-Plane 10.  This should provide better color fidelity for content that targets only X-Plane 10.


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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

18 comments on “New DSFTool Available

  1. Your feed doesn’t display in Slick RSS for Google Chrome. tag has to be at the start of the document, without any preceeding whitespace. 🙁

      1. “?xml” tag at the very beginning. Site swallowed up the angle brackets, error that could lead to XSS injections.

        1. Regarding the RSS feeds, I just wanted to mention that Opera has also stopped being able to recognize this blog’s feeds (both the general one and the comments).

      2. The issue of art and amhlritgoic is at the point of the join, it is getting great art to fit in at the right point.A great custom Airport scenery is ruined by the flat monopoly board around it, most times the connection roads go nowhere and there is no city around it to connect to, so believability goes out of the window with it, no matter how good the scenery is, worse is like NYEXPRO, many Xplaners got this to work, but for me it was the best day in my Xplane life when it went in the trash, so again the issue is how to fit in say the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty (2 3d icons) that we recognise as NYC, and fit them into an amhlritgoic world, and doing it seamlessly and for real.Flightime56

  2. Good day Ben and team;

    please have a look at the image below:


    you can see where a mesh elevation terrain files designed with the current version of meshtool – what the problem is – autogen disappear – roads get cutted – and older xp9 texture version are displayed – rather than xp10.
    Im asking you if the meshtool can be updated to xp10 scenery standard also – as now is not usable for xp10.
    thanks for your time

  3. Is it normal that the new XPTools as well as the new WED 1.1r1 don’t start with Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 32 bits) ?

    1. No, it’s a screw-up by me. Please check WED – if you have the x86_64 (run objdump -a WED) re-download WED 1.1 to get the 32-bit repost. If the 32-bit version of WED won’t run, please email me.

        1. Thanks for the confirmation, and yes. I will recut XPTools and cut future builds on the distro I recut WED on – that should address glibc issues.

  4. Ben, I’ve found that XP10 does support DDS+normal map, but what about DDS + displacement map combination?

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