I have updated the WorldEditor page to link to the new builds of WED 1.2 beta 1.  This is the first beta of WED 1.2, which we showed at the X-Plane developer’s conference in SC a week ago.  A few hilites:

  • Finally, a real airport import dialog box – when you import a dialog box, WED will let you pick a subset of airports to grab.  So now you can open the entire apt.dat file from Robin and just pick the airport you want.
  • There is now a library preview pane for objects, autogen scenes (.AGP files) and draped polygons.
  • WED 1.2 supports all of the new v10 overlay editing extensions, e.g. forests as tree lines, facade wall-type control, etc.

Tyler and I are working on a 1.2 manual but it’s still chaotic enough that I think it isn’t even ready as a beta document.

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20 comments on “WED 1.2 Beta 1 Is Here

  1. What’s chaotic, the Manual or the app? Ah, a “beta document”! — and that’s a language hint about writing Manuals. Without propliner’s 2 out of 7 tutorials I wouldn’t have even tried WED. I am so glad I did.

    Uh, will it include a gui and manual for decals now?

    1. The manual is chaotic – it’s a partly incomplete, partly flushed out outline.

      Decals: no. Decals are used by other art assets, and as of 1.2 WED is _not_ an art asset editor, thus it does not use them. You indirectly use a decal by using a pol file or something else that has a decal.

  2. typo


    I look forward to trying WED out for the first time once I get my own new Mac by mid June. Thanks for the beta.

  3. Have you been reading my wishlist or something? The object preview is EXACTLY as I had planned-to-do-if-I-ever-got-around-to-it! Awesome.

    You first ‘feature’ point needs to be unscrambled. I’m guessing you wrote this either late at night, or before your morning coffee.

    I don’t know how possible this is, but it would be great to see the manual turn into a wiki that could be contributed to.

    1. I’m pretty done with the wiki – it generates approximately 1000 items of spam for every 1 item of user generated content. 🙁 If users want to help we’re happy to collaborate but I think we don’t have critical mass for wikification.

      1. Spammers are ruining the (virtual) world 🙁

        What do you write the manual doc in? LibreOffice?

        Maybe I (and others) could contribute with some of the more detailed stuff (like object attributes) that I know is impossible to get around to when you’re just trying to get a general user manual that covers the main features assembled.

        1. We’re trying to move to mostly straight HTML docs so we can publish in a bunch of formats…not sure how we’ll cope with the images though.

  4. Somehow the large background image I had for my airport no longer loads (it worked on 1.2 preview version). Smaller ones do. Tried different formats and compression settings…

  5. Is it possible to see/edit & erase the stock atc taxi routs at airports using the WED1.2 Bata?

    I’ve been adding scenery to my home airfield, MYNN, but the stock atc routs have aircraft taxing through my terminal buildings.


    1. No — there isn’t really a “stock” taxi route – rather X-Plane -makes one up- when an airport with no ATC routes is loaded.

      We haven’t provided a way to see this default route and — if you could see it, you’d see why. It has a lot of small artifacts which make it unsuitable as a start point.

  6. Hi Ben,
    Will the Wed ever have 3d camera like the object preview but for the whole scene? It would be so much easier to build airport if wed would at least allow camera rotation like overlay editor.

    1. I have no plan at this time to add 3-d editing. A developer has been working on a live link to X-Plane for live preview and live editing though.

  7. Linux version is 32bit binary? It doesnt work me. Older version (1.2dp1) works well.

    fish: Failed to execute process ‘./WED’. Reason:
    exec: Exec format error
    fish: The file ‘app/wed/WED_new’ is marked as an executable but could not be run by the operating system.

    1. It’s apparently 64 bits – or rather, it’s native to the host it is compiled on. I will see if I can move it back to 32 bits for beta 2.

  8. well, elpresidento,

    i’m under Precise Pangolin 12.04 64 bits and WED 1.2b1 compiled march 2 work “fine” for me. Perhaps a dependency story and 32bits compatibility library…
    My ubuntu have ia32-libs and ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 installed. i dont know if it’s important in this case.

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