Two updates to the scenery tools today:

WorldEditor: WED 1.2 beta 3 is now out – see the WorldEditor page for download links.  Beta 3 fixes the broken orthophoto exporter from beta 2, fixes jammed file-open dialog boxes on OS X, and has a handful of other fixes.

WorldEditor is open source, so you can see the exact changes made here.

I am hoping that WED 1.2 beta 3 will be totally stable and usable; the remaining open bugs are mostly UI quirks.  If we find more work-stopping WED bugs, I’ll try to cut a new beta once a week until they’re fixed; after that WED can sit for a few weeks, then go final.

MeshTool: MeshTool 2.1 is released.  This is an incremental update to MeshTool 2.0 with bug fixes and a new “contour” option that lets you use a shapefile to force specific contour lines into your DSF.  See the README for details, and the MeshTool page for download.

I have done some work on MeshTool 3.0 but it’s not ready for beta yet.

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Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

6 comments on “New Scenery Tools – WED and MeshTool

  1. Very good work Ben.
    I have found another bug but i’m not sure. Where can i transmit my impressions about it.I would avoid overloading bug reports on Mantis.

    1. I think you need to either:
      – File a bug on Mantis or
      – Do more work to determine whether it is a bug or
      – Discuss the bug with other WED users, perhaps on the scenery emailing list or on the org or x pilot or some other public forum if you need a second opinion.

  2. Hi,
    This may sound silly but how does one actually submit to Robin. I have a text file ready to go I just don’t know where to send it.


  3. Wed 1.2 b3 Windows works well for me. The additional checking is helpful, but is now requiring a change in the handling of feeder taxipaths as described in Chris’s tutorial.
    The checker now requires that feeder paths which are not specified airport taxiways nevertheless have “names” that are non-blank (a feature of the taxipath system as previously described). It is possible to make the changes, and my selection is to start to name these paths beginning at the end of the alphabet and moving backwards, with single Alpha characters.
    The organ1zation of the path data is somewhat confusing as provided by the checker, and individual ramp paths need to be tagged with a single character for all of the points on the path to make any sense of the requirement WED is checking for. Since the new letters have no real meaning at the airport, and to ATC, it seems that the check only will make a bunch of extra work for authors who have path layouts in place and must now label them.

    1. The requirement for names (contradicting Chris’s talk) was correctly reported as a bug, and will be fixed in the next beta.

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