WorldEditor 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is now available here.  Please try it!  If you have a scenery project you use, please export using WED 1.2 rc1 and report a bug immediately if the export does not work!  My thanks to the testers who have helped find the bugs in the 1.2 beta run.

If we don’t find any new show-stopping bugs, WED 1.2 will go final in a week or so.

Update: There is a bug in WED 1.2r1 on Windows that stops all art assets from being found in the library.  I think this is responsible for all of the bugs reported against the RC.  (This was from a change I made while my PC was down that I should have checked on Windows.)  RC2 will fix these bugs.

Update 2: Release Candidate 2 is now uploaded; this fixes the one underlying bug that caused a lot of reports.  The bug was that art asset location from the library was broken on Windows.  This caused failed previews, facades that were rings and not fences, and red question mark objects.  This is fixed in RC2.

I’m not sure what will go into the next WorldEditor release, but X-Plane 10 scenery usability features are on my short list.

  • The ability to create and edit X-Plane 10 road overlays.
  • Better options for managing overlay orthophotos for airports. (The current “make orthophotos” command is a stop-gap.)
  • Possibly the ability to create base meshes (by importing data – WED would then run MeshTool for you, so that you don’t have to write a script).


About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

22 comments on “WorldEditor 1.2 Release Candidate 1 Posted

  1. In the famous voice of AOL… “You’ve got bug!” (*report submitted)

    Regarding the meshtool front end potential, would that be primarily just for elevation data, or would it also finally allow us armchair designers to start dropping in some other elements, such as localized OSM data (road/rail/water) updates?

      1. Automatic scripting is very nice feature! But can we wait for some possibility to adjust mesh locally? Let’s say I have elevation data for some area with 5m resolution(airport boundaries).. It would be very progressive to give this data as one of input parameters for meshtool. Just a nice sloped field inside basic 30m DEM mesh. And you can forget about this developers pane forever! A one array of 3D points in any format to put vertex exactly where I want.. Please..

    1. Ben – took me a few minutes to find where to select what “Project” to report a bug under, but now I see it… no more WED issues under other projects. That “Project” selection is sneaky.

        1. Let me draw your eye to #502, which is misclassified, but a big pain in the rear for us Windows users. 🙂

          1. Ignoring the part where this is _not the right place_ for the bug reporter, that doesn’t make any sense…bug 502 is not Windows specific.

          2. I guess my correction post went missed? I erred – #501 is the misclassified one – about using ALT to change an attribute on across all selected items. It’s classified as a Scenery Tools bug, when it’s WED. Not sure if that’s one of the reasons it’s still a bug out there. Thanks!

          3. Didn’t mean to use this as a bug report per-say, only to draw your attention to one which, being misclassified, might have been missed in Mantis. Feel free to delete these comments as needed during moderation. My apologies.

  2. Ha, looks like the new C: drive arrived … hopefully no more acts of God/Cat/or Oatmeal will happen with this new one.

  3. I’m reviving my semi-dormant 5B7 project with this new version of WED. However, any objects I try to add turn up as red question marks. In the past I has used OpenSceneryX for objects but this time around I’m trying to stick with the objects internal to X-Plane. I have no idea if this is a good idea or not.

    Am I doing it wrong(tm)? I’m running WED 1.2RC1 on Windows 7. Happy to take this query to ‘the org’ or elsewhere if it doesn’t really fit here…

  4. When I open my scenery pack, a lot of “?” have appeared, is this one new way to show the current level of density objects? I notice too that I cannot see the preview of the objects (at the little box bellow the library), it has been deactivated or this could be a bug?

    1. Uh, it could be a bug. A red “?” means WED could not find the OBJ file to preview the OBJ.

      If you file a bug, please include a _simple_ reproduction case and attach it to the bug.

  5. I think these latest features are excellent and I would love to say thank you.

    Keep up the good work Ben, since there is only you blogging (as far as I know) please extend my gratitude to all participating developers on X-Plane, the worlds most intuitive simulator 🙂

    Sorry for the digressing question, but are XP adapted for or compatible with SLI or Crossfire?

  6. Is there plans for a visual landclass editor? Here in Brazil i’m finding several towns and neighbourhoods with roads but no houses.

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