I just posted a beta of WED 1.2.1; hopefully it will only take one beta to get this quick “bug fix” patch done.

Some usability fixes:

  • Locked and hidden items don’t cause clicks to select their parents.
  • The interior of an airport boundary is not selectable – it never should have been.
  • The marquee tool will never select the “world” entry on the hierarchy.
  • The click hot spots of handles don’t shrink at low zoom – they were doing that before, which made clicking hard.

(Basically Chris tried to use WED and got really annoyed*, so we dug in and fixed some of the smaller annoyances.  The ones we left (like how locking works) need a major rework and can’t go into a bug fix.)

1.2.1 also filters out the private and deprecated library items (once you have X-Plane 10.25, beta coming “real soon now”).  This should make the library display a lot cleaner. Also, hidden airports won’t export or fail validation, which is what you would expect.

The only other changes are a bug fix for exporting polygons on a DSF edge, and a bunch of changes to help Robin collect global airports.

If you are using WED 1.2r4 to make airports, please try 1.2.1b1 this weekend, and file bugs here.

* Which was difficult to differentiate from his normal state.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

11 comments on “WorldEditor 1.2.1 Beta 1 – Ease of Use (for Robin too)

    1. You must be new here. “Real soon now” is _never_ today. 🙂

      Seriously, I’m out of town over the long weekend (Monday is a US holiday), so I’m thinking we’ll pull the trigger Tuesday.

  1. I used it to do an airport. So how do I select a polygon now? Quite often I change a runway or taxiway from dirt to asphalt after looking on google maps.

  2. This is working fine, but I still hope an old problem can be solved.
    In our América Morena we speak Spanish (or something like that…) and the names of airports/airfields use accents (for example: Las Marías, El Portón, Loncopué, Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Intl, etc., etc.).
    My problem: I can’t use the letter “ñ” or accents in WED (if I do it, I can’t save).
    Thanks in advance for the solution,

      1. Muchas gracias Ben…I’ll be up early 🙂

        Things are looking really good for XPX at the moment. Some really cool new add-ons and developments (thanks to you and your team) coming along to keep us on the bright side of the road.

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