Update: WorldEditor 1.3.2 is out now and has new certificates to work with the gateway; get it here!

I screwed up: WorldEditor 1.3.1 contains a certificate that allows it to authenticate that the X-Plane Scenery Gateway is who it says it is before WED transmits your user name and password during an airport upload. And this certificate expires in about two hours.

Last night we cut a new build (1.3.2) with a new certificate with a much longer time range, but Tyler said that for some reason the new certificate did not work. So it’s most likely that we’re going to run out of time before we get a new WED build posted. Here’s what this means:

  • You will not be able to upload airports to the gateway with WED 1.3.1.
  • Once WED 1.3.2 is available, you will be able to upload airports using WED 1.3.2.
  • Every other function of WED will keep working.
  • The Gateway’s public web page will keep working.

I’ll post an update here when we can get WED 1.3.2 “live” – unfortunately it will probably be more than two hours. I’m hoping to have this solved by the end of the day.

I will also cut a new WED 1.4.0 beta with the latest bug fixes and an updated certificate. That should be available tonight.

As a side note, I think that everything that is “must fix” for WED 1.4 is fixed, so this will be a WED 1.4 release candidate. We are deferring jpeg-2000 support out of WED 1.4 entirely so we can ship it.

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11 comments on “A Gateway Outage and a New WED Build

  1. Any possibility for getting polygonal exclude (pen tool with bezier curving) in the next update?

    1. No.

      Since X-Plane doesn’t have polygon exclude, WED can’t write it.

      If we do ever have polygon exclude, there is virtually no chance that it will support bezier curves; it would just be flat-sided polygons.

      1. Thanks, but what is the difference between bezier curves on taxiways/taxi lines and exclude zones? Is it that it is not implemented or is it because it cannot be implemented?

        Is it possible to make a exclude tool with polygonal features..

        A wish full idea is to have 1 tool that has multiple polygonal features like object, exclude and flatten

        1. They are very different. Taxi lines result in a mesh of triangles – and we can handle large-vertex-count meshes just fine. Plus they -must- be curved – this is how the real world works.

          The cost of exclusion zones is the cost of the number of edges – so turning the bezier into a lot of tiny edges will make the exclusion zones quite slow…the same as having a huge number of tiny rectangle ones now.

    1. Possible, yes! Not for 1.4 – 1.4 is being closed up.

      But the same tool that makes ATC routes can be used for roads – the code is partly done, so perhaps I can complete this for 1.5.

  2. WED is great and I used it to create airports. One thing I wish that WED could do is to load Google maps or any other mapping tool “by default” in the background layout with the ability to zoom all the way in and out. Not sure if this is even possible, but if this is done it will be a HUGE feature to build airports, streets and cities as well.

      1. It is possible but not free, and I am willing to purchase the software with this feature. Google maps got a unit for maps API for business. It is called Google maps for work.

        1. When I last looked at this, even a ‘business’ license wasn’t an option.

          The problem is that users will use the background imagery to -trace- vector features in their scenery, so we would need a license that allows companies not only to -use- the data (e.g. see it and make judgments in a business) but to make a -derived copy- of it, and Google is much less willing to let people do this, because this is a license to duplicate the database. So just “google maps for business” isn’t quite enough.

          Mapping services for business are typically aimed at the high-value non-copying uses of maps. For example, most map providers will give you (a single user) GPS directions for free…but if you run a fleet of trucks, they want a lot of money for this. That’s google maps for business, not actually copying the database.

          The one rare exception was OSM, which has negotiated tracing/copying rights from aerial imagery from both Yahoo and Microsoft at one point…they’re a very high profile fully FOSS project. We’d need a license like that. Since WED is very x-plane-centric, it seems like a tough sell.

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