WED 1.6 public beta 1 is out!  As Jennifer wrote:

The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available!

WED 1.6 features:

  • Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes
  • Better validation, including a text document of errors
  • Additional previews in the preview pane
  • Hierarchy searching
  • New editing commands
  • Unicode support on Windows
  • Better UV map handling
  • Tons of bug fixes

Grab a copy of WED 1.6b1 here and give it a try, then report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page.

I would just like to add that this is one of my favorite WED releases not only because it’s a really strong release (we started with the goal of just supporting X-Plane 11 but ended up with fixes to long-time bugs, really solid validation, new authoring features for serious users, editing improvements, and complete support for the new X-Plane 11 apt.dat format) but also because of how little of the work I did. This release was a real team effort, with volunteers from the X-Plane community and LR developers all working on new WED features.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

35 comments on “WorldEditor 1.6 – First Public Beta

  1. Thank you!

    Just tried the new 1.6.0b1

    I opened my last airport I am working on in the new WED (

    I have jpeg Dropped Orthophoto for reference. Airport opens in the new version and the Dropped Orthophoto is correctly displayed. If I hide the Dropped Orthophoto using the eye checkbox, it hides. If I then unhide it, the Dropped Orthophoto rotates counterclockwise 90 degrees.

    I will create bug proper report for the problem, but I have problem accessing the form at the moment…

  2. This is exciting! I’m looking forward to making my airports XP11 compatible with all the new features.

  3. Great news! Is there going to be any documentation on how to use the new service vehicles parking, destinations and routes features?

        1. Yeah – you can make an airport where, when landing, you will be picked up from your plane in a Ferrari. Cuz…X-Plane.

          I’m not sure how well they’re driving right now – a few weeks ago they were definitely driving like freaking maniacs, blowing through baggage trucks, etc.

  4. I can’t get the Ap to run! I’ve shut down my anti-virus and everything else I can think of. I saved the .zip file to my desktop, unzipped the file there. I get the app and the readme. Clicking the app doesn’t open it for me! Any ideas?

    1. Windows 10 already advert by pop-up Smart Screen posible risk if run the aplication, if this is your case, yo have to go to “More Information” and “Run anyway”… works for me!

    2. Did you ensure that you downloaded (and use) the correct version for your(!) operating system (because Lin won’t work on Win, nor would Mac work on Lin etc. etc.).

  5. So, is there a magic setting to show/turn on service trucks? I was playing with them in WED last night and added them to a scenery I was working on for testing. Noting showed up and if I call for service I just get no service trucks here.

  6. Great job! 2 things though.

    1. Should wait for RC version to publish commercial?

    2. Really good to be able to preview .lin files on the preview box. Any possibility to be able to view them in the main area too?

  7. What a surprise, guys!
    Thank you a lot for your wonderfull work!
    We will start to test it depply but, at first view is fantastic! Looking ahead for new documentation of the new features!

    1. Oh myyy…. Preview for .for and .lin !?!?!?! Wooooww, this is a next LEVEL!
      Ben what is the check in texture tan that is named “Click selects subtextures” ?
      GREAT GREAT!!!! Thanks!

      1. That’s Michael’s baby – he has a setup where you can annotate a .pol as having sub-textures and the WED UV editor makes it easy to place them.

      2. That feature can be used right now with 3rd party libraries or full custom devs to easier use texture with many different smaller textures in it – like you use one big texture to texture the individual pieces of an .obj.
        If you look at the expanded release notes on the scenery forum on, you get an idea where this could end up. But there is still a few details to iron out before (or if ever, as Ben would say 🙂 it can be put into the XP11 default library (gateway, yay !). So I think we’ll advertise this in more detail once we get closer to this.

  8. Excellent work, guys. A heartfealt thank you to the whole team of WED coders!

    I feel that this iteration of WED will finally propel the app from a “tinkerers toy” with many pitfalls, undocumented “need to knows” and hidden secrets to something that a regular guy can learn fairly quick and without too much frustration.

    Certainly a big step forward in our quest to crowd-source the 35k+ airports out there…

  9. Any Idea why that when you try to start a new scenery project and you go to import the apt.dat File you get a msg saying
    The apt.dat file could not be imported illegal Atc Frequency ( Line 350046)
    I would report this bug but sill waiting for a email so i can confirm my account.

  10. As of 1800 MST the database for bugs for the scenery gateway is returning errors, so we can’t check to see if things are submitted or not.

  11. Hi,

    I have tried to play around with the ground vehicle system and routes. It is kind of interesting/funny to see what comes out of it (sometimes the fuel truck is all over the place).

    Just a thought! Would it not be possible to (like) put up some invisible walls where the ground vehicle absolutely should not cross. It is kind of weird when it drives through fences, buildings and people.

    I have even seen the fuel truck running through a taxing AI aircraft.

    Also that if name a “Ramp Start” as “Gate”, it will spawn a pushback truck no matter what aircraft is on the Ramp (even a small Cessna).

    I know this is work in progress – so consider this my thoughts.

    PS. I Just flew a short trip in the Default Cessna and everything simply looks so gorgeous. Thanks for a great flight experience!


  12. I really miss a command to move multiple selected objects/nodes/… in one click and, even better, the ability to apply a long/lat offset to a multiple selection
    Apologize if already implemented, could not find the key.

    1. – Move multiple: Select nodes and then use the marquee tool next to the arrow tool.
      – Apply lat/long to multiple: Select nodes, modify latitude on first, press CTRL+Enter to propagate to the rest. Repeat with logitude. Works on almost any property (doesn’t work on multiselects for me)

      1. Elementary, my dear Watson!

        Thanx Daniela, the “move multiple nodes” trick sorted out all my troubles.

  13. If I import an airport (apt.dat) and then a DSF, when I click on the dsf folder just imported, the software crashes.

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