X-Plane 11.20 VR preview 6 is out, and if preview’s 2 and 4 are any predictor, it’s going to be a dreadful disaster, as all of the even number previews have been so far.

But maybe not! Maybe we can break the curse – after all, Star Trek did it with Nemesis. Anyway, VR6 is available for public beta. Steam users – we’ll post it on Steam tomorrow if we haven’t found a major problem, otherwise we’ll go right to 7.


  • Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) works for the Oculus Rift.
  • No more white instruments.
  • No more crashes loading some third party aircraft.
  • The xPad won’t follow you around as you teleport around the tarmac.

Depending on how things go, this might be the last VR preview! ASW and xPad teleportation were the last two big VR specific issues; if things go well, we’ll produce a general 11.20 beta for everyone with the other features mixed in. I’ll post about that next week if VR6 doesn’t have to be recalled for insubordination.

About Ben Supnik

Ben is a software engineer who works on X-Plane; he spends most of his days drinking coffee and swearing at the computer -- sometimes at the same time.

119 comments on “X-Plane 11.20 VR6: Can We Break the Curse

  1. Great Ben!
    Will it be any comments about non VR features included in beta 20? Or its too soon to ask such things.?

    Thank you Laminar for this great hobby

  2. Uh oh. Seems like now I am having trouble enabling VR with my Rift. I keep getting SteamVR failed to initialize. I have completely closed out of Steam and SteamVR. Each time I check the VR box, it half loads, then I get that message. I will file a bug report.

  3. The vr-mouse for the FF A320 is still not working. The clickspots are 50-80cm too far left. Chris commented that it will be fixed in VR6.

    1. This isn’t an x-plane bug and it’s not a FF bug. The FF A320 contains a custom click system that was developed before VR was a thing in X-Plane.

      1. Ah okay. So that means FF have to renew the clicksystem for VR within an A320 update?

  4. AWS working perfectly on my side (CV1), and the lag on motion is gone 😀

  5. Need clear cut directions on starting X-plane 11.20 vr 6.
    Do you need to start X-plane, or Oculus or vive first? do you still need Steam Vr?
    which portal do you start with first x-plane or Ocular Riff ? Am confused

    1. Hello,

      If you have Oculus you do not need to start anything. X-Plane will call the Oculus automatically when you enable the VR, you also do not need SteamVR if you have Oculus.

      Same principle for the Vive.


  6. Hello,

    I’ve the same problem as Taylor Z : I can run XP11.20vr6 only one time then it is stuck during Loading VR. XPlane windows is frozen (AppHangB1 error). I do not use SteamVR anymore.
    I have tried to restart from a fresh XP install but end up with the same issue. XP11.20vr6 is only working at the first time. But cannot restart. It is not plugins issue.
    I will report my log file tomorrow.

  7. I’ve jumped from 1 to 3 to 6. (CV1)
    What a fantastic journey. A massive improvement at each step. So impressed. Thank you.

  8. Hi Chris / Ben,
    are we going to get the joystick function back when we are on a outside view of the aircraft so we can pan around as in VR1? PLEASE 🙂
    PS great work from the devs many thanks

        1. I miss this too. Tried mapping it back but each command I tried from the dropdown didn’t achieve the panning. What command should it be bound to pan outside? I also found if you take the binding off of the X and Y options then when you try anything else with the thumb sticks (e.g. scrolling through the menus in the hanger) nothing happens. This part was perfect in VR1 IMO.

          1. i tried mapping to move forward and backward etc… but lost VR menus navigation ! how can you assign those axis to something else but still keep VR navigation using thumbstick?

  9. I fear the curse remains.

    ASW is not being enabled by default.

    With ASW on auto (which is default in Oculus unless you change it) the feature does NOT work. It is not active. I suspected this by just looking around in the headset but confirmed it with Oculus Tray Tool using the ASW status hud. It says available but inactive. If you manually force it to 45fps in OTT or oculus debug tool then it does work and the ghosting and double vision disappears. When it is set to off it should move away from the 45fps frame rate to whatever frame rate is available but this is also not happening consistently. It stays locked at 45 most of the time and just blips up to 65~70 then back to 45 as I look around. Im compiling a more detailed bug report with a video to illustrate the issue and will submit it tomorrow.

    1. Oculus disables ASW when the frame rate gets high enough for it to be unnecessary. This is beyond our control but completely expected and normal.

      1. Hi Chris.

        I was below the 90fps threshold so ASW should have been active.

        I was about to submit a bug when I found the source of the problem. It’s the 3jFPS lua script. Somehow it was preventing ASW from being actived by default. Once I removed it the problem disappeared.

        1. I think that’s a red herring. The script was probably just affecting your frame rate in some way. I don’t think Oculus’s algorithm to enable ASW is as simple as < 90fps. I think I've seen it disable itself around 60fps. In any case, it's outside of the scope of anything that we have control of.

          1. Reinstalled the 3jfps script and the problem immediately returned. It may be worth keeping in mind if you see similar reports turning up in the bug reporter.

  10. This is awesome news! Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow if you guys can get it on Steam hopefully! Thanks a bunch LR!

  11. You stated that it may be the last VR preview… what does that mean for us VR users exactly? Should we continue to expect VR updates? Does that just mean it’s moving to an official BETA status? There’s still quite a few bugs remaining in VR I know you are aware of. Just curious what to expect moving forward. Thanks for all the hard work.

    1. It means we think we’re done coding massive features and changing SDKs during 11.20 and it’s time to start fixing the smaller bugs and stabilizing.

  12. Next thing Vulcan, I hope?

    I have i5-3570K from 2012 and in this six years single core CPU performance barely raise 25%, so multi-core is MUST!

    1. Vulkan, yes we need it, plus other multi-thread enhancements. I am running an i7-8700K, that I upgraded from a 2700K just for XPlane’s VR (really the 2700K was doing just fine with other VR titles) and I saw very little improvement in performance, just a few FPS. Not surprising, as Xplane is still only using ~15% of my CPU.

      1. Actually 8700K about 45% faster in single thread than 2700K, so you should get fps boost. Probably you have bottleneck somewhere else (videocard?)

  13. would it be possible in the final version to add the automatic display of NAV ILS and VOR frequencies when you click on the icons of ipad? the laser is very sensitive to the same for the mouse.

  14. So we have VR now but how are we going to deal with the framrates? its sad one have to pay 2000 USD+ for a computer and even then its hard to maintain a resonable framrate 30-45 FPS. i have both 7700hq with a 1060 and my other system with 7700K and 1070 and its hard to reach those 45 FPS in VR. Please give us hope Ben?????

    1. I am running an i7-8700K on a 1080Ti just for XPlane-VR and not always can I achieve 45 FPS 🙁

    2. I can’t even hit a solid 45fps in VR with medium settings with a 1080Ti overclocked to 2000mhz so we definitely need Vulkan to get better fps.

      1. That’s because your GPU was bored before you overclocked it. A Ferrari stuck in traffic is still a slow car. X-Plane’s CPU limited when in VR mode. If you can overclock your CPU, you might see some performance improvement. If your 1080’s bored, you should be able to increase your texture res or enable “supersampling” to make things look sharper. Watch the GPU monitor in the task manager.

        1. There’s a GPU monitor in the Task Manager (Window’s Task Manager?). I can’t see it.

          1. Just to clarify, the GPU monitor in task manager is available starting in Windows 10 version 1709

          2. There’s no GPU section in my version of Windows. So, at least those forced-updates I managed to turn off actually do give you something useful other than more headaches lol.

        2. Hopefully, X-plane’s bottlenecks will be significantly improved in the next major 11.x release (i.e. with Vulkan).

        3. Yes I undertstand X plane is CPU limited which is why we need Vulkan. My 6600K running at 4.5Ghz is maxed out while the 1080Ti is less than 50% used. The CPU even maxes out in non VR.
          An upgrade on CPU to more cores wouldn’t help at this point.
          Thank you for implementing VR, it is fantastic but we really need better performance to get the most out of it.

    3. I have the same 7700K with a GTX 1070 and I’m getting mostly 90 FPS, and a comfortable 45 FPS over heavy scenery. Also, I only have 8 GB of RAM. All my graphic settings are set at high or medium and anti-aliasing at 2x. Try lowering some of your graphic settings if they are max out. Using Oculus Rift.

      1. That sounds very improbable. Can you upload a video to youtube and link of you low flying over a built up area on high/max settings (no reflection or building shadows though) with a steady 90FPS and 45 FPS VR?
        The only hardware you have that is “faster” is the 7700k but that should hardly make a difference (what do you have it clocked at?) I can’t imagine the 7700K not being maxed out same as 6600k and bottlenecking my GPU (maybe slight improvement but a few fps max) but if it is I will upgrade.

  15. It would be great to see the xPad expanded a little more before the VR feature set is locked down and you move into beta.

    The ability to have it display PDFs would be great, perhaps having it list the contents of a folder where the user can create and store the PDFs files and open directly from the xPad home screen (similar to how we now open the map). It’s something that could allow us to stay in the headset and still use charts and checklists.

  16. Wanted to take VR for a test flight. Seems something you did broke my ch pro pedals. In the default Cessna it always seems like I am standing on the right brakes. Under joystick settings I can see full movement of all the axis. Did a kalibration, which sometimes showed that the right Pedal only had movement to the middle. If I hit accept axis then it shows full movement. Something going on here. Also did a calibration in Windows 10, but did not help. There it works fine. Will file a bug.
    Also, sometimes when I load VR hardware and get placed in the Hangar, I do not get to see the Board where I can control the sim. Cannot call it up into view with my Vive controllers. No idea when this happens or what causes it. Will also file a bug.
    Also when VR starts, the Oculus Store starts too. Probably taking some resources for itself – don’t know if it hogs any CPU power or just sits in the Background. If it just sits, then it probably doesn’t matter, but still not so nice. Is this on the X-plane side, or do I have to do something on my side. I have a Vive, but revive installed to Run Oculus games. Just starten Steam VR alone from my Steam account, and the Oculus Store does not start, so it seems to be on the X-PLANE side. Bug or not?

      1. Ok, thanks. Will try that, but strange that it worked before in all the previews. Only after the update to VR6 this afternoon, did it stop working like it should. But I’ll give it a try. Maybe there is still some data junk lurking around on my installation somewhere.

      2. Tried your advice chris. Will not work. Right Pedal stays on half brake. Even in 2D (none VR). Sadly I did not make a Backup of VR5 where it all worked. Loaded an old vanilla version of X-Plane (really old – 11.05) to see if I maybe have a Hardware problem. Nope. All is fine there. Pedals work as they should. May try a clean Update tomorrow, or even tonight if I feel up to it. Maybe it was the constant updates from preview to preview that has screwed something really bad. Like I said, VR5 was working perfectly for me till that fatal upgrade (in this case a downgrade 🙂 ) this afternoon.

        1. Nope. Just did a clean install from 11.05 to 11.20VR6 (thank god for terabyte drives!). It was a hassel, but went rather quick. Left all my addons out of the equation. If the pedal Issue was fixed in a previous VR preview version, then its broken again in VR6. What was that with even numbered previews and a curse? Maybe you should change your witch doctor. He is not good at all in driving away curses… 🙂 Looks like my flying is over for the weekend as I stupidly have no copy of VR5, or I have to use the VR controls. Peter is therefore patiently waiting for VR7 or the Beta with a fix… 🙂 Nice weekend guys, and don’t work to hard. Have to do a little bit of home office myself tomorrow. Maybe its good then, that my X-Plane broke… 🙂

        2. I had the rudder pedal issue back in VR2 with my CH pro pedals, it was fixed in the next version. Just did a retest with the C172 both in VR and 2D and could not reproduce it. Guess it is something on your side. Did you try to unplug en replug the USB cable of the pedals?

        3. Have you tried re-calibrating it? I sometimes have similar issues with my CH Yoke Eclipse to where the rudder pads aren’t reaching 100% travel in the calibration page until I re-calibrated it. It would help to first calibrate the rudder pedals via the “CH Control Manager” driver software and then in X-Plane 11.

          1. Done all the things. Unplugged, Unplugged from the back of the PC and plugged into my front USB Ports and had Windows install the drivers new, as they had never ever been plugged into the front. Calibration on the X-plane side and on the Windows 10 side. Nothing worked. Strange is that in X-Plane 11.05 they work in 2D as they should. In 11.20VR5 they also worked as they should, it was only after the update to VR6 that they gave up working. Was flying rather long with them in VR5. I copied 11.05 onto my 1TB Data drive (stupidly I did not make a copy of VR5 before updating – is a lesson for the future), and had the very old version 11.05 updated to 11.20VR6. There they stopped working as they should. They calibrate ok, the blue bars all move correctly, so it seems that they should be working ok. But as soon as I enter a Plane, bam – no work. In the 737 I cannot see them move at all when I brake. Same in the Zibo mod 737. In the Baron I can only see the left Pedal move. All very Strange. Will have to wait for the Beta, to see if Laminar fixes anything that might bring them back to life on my system. Maybe there have been some other bug reports other than mine, that does point to a problem on some systems. Was probably Ben tweaking around on some little bit of code, that then broke my pedals… :-))))) But its fine. Supposed to be doing some home office work today anyway, rather than flying around somewhere. 🙂 Oh the joys of X-Plane VR… Its like taking drugs, you get hooked…

          2. Could it be that some other control is bound to the right wheel brakes? What happens when you unbind your pedals from the brake command? Or when you run X-Plane without the pedals connected? Have you tried the clean install or running without any plugins?

          3. @raymond: I updated from 11.05 to 11.20 VR6 cleanly, and left all plugins out of the equation (in otherwords it was a vanilla/clean install with none of my plugins, scenery, etc.). If I unplug the pedals and start a new flight in the default Cessna, the rudder pedals in the Cessna are both in the up right position meaning no brakes applied, so no other controller is sending anything that might be the cause. That was also my thought initially. But thanks anyway.

  17. Still have a problem with WMR. When VR is activated, I loose the sound on some planes (FFA320, IXEG 737, Rotate MD-80, etc). Already submitted a ticket for it (XPD-8965). Hopefully this will be looked into, as makes it impossible to use VR.

  18. Wow, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better for a first release. I see no blocking issues to move to beta.

    I do have some small issues with the Touch distance interaction feature (laser beam) accidentally changing a control next to the one I want to change sometimes (without using the laser). Is it possible to implement a checkbox in the settings to enable/disable the distance interaction feature?

    Also the orientation of the touch controller in VR is not the same as the actual touch controller (you can best notice this when you try to collide the hand grips of both controllers).

  19. Is mouse cursor timeout (disappear after ??? seconds) function in plan for VR?
    As it is right now, mouse cursor is always on even when not used for interaction with the cockpit.

    1. You can turn the 3D mouse cursor on and off via keyboard bindings in settings, or you can bind the option on your Touch controller like I did with mines. I use the grip button to turn mouse cursor on and off.

  20. I think my personal last big bug for VR to make it completely flyable is the yoke returning to center or neutral. Using the VR controllers and letting go of the yoke, it should return to center not stay where you let go. Not sure if this is a tracked bug yet, but I look forward to (hopefully) these small bugs being addressed eventually.

  21. Setting ASW to Auto then starting X Plane does not, for me anyway, enable ASW.
    I need to manually disable it then enable it in OculusDebugTool after I get in a plane, exactly the same behaviour as VR1.

    Not a problem, if you are aware it needs done, otherwise you get a pretty poor, stuttering experience, again, exactly the same as VR1.

    Confirmed using the HUD’s performance overlay, and Mk.1 eyeballs.

  22. Hi all, since I’m using a non-supported VR method I won’t file a bug. But I’m curious that in VR3 I had 3d mouse pointer and now (VR6) I can’t make it appear. It just doesn’t show. Do you people experience the same issue of it’s just me?

    Ps: I’ve updated my gpu’s drivers, might this be the reason?

          1. 1080ti GPU with latest 391.01, but I tried with the 390.77 too, no change. I VR3 I saw the actual 3d pointer now it doesn’t appear in vr and in 2d screen at the monitor it just works as only 2D. I’ll try a fresh install.

          2. I found out what was causing the issue in my rig. I’d remembered what Ben told me about the 3D mouse, its 3d coordinates are calculated from VR Headset sensor position.
            Here is what I did. In order to have 6 degree of position tracking I use //github.com/opentrack/opentrack/releases with a 3 led clip plus a PS3 camera at 187 FPS using freetrack protocol. So to X-Plane calculate the position of the 3d cursor I had to enable the headtracking option in the GRAPHICS setting tab. And now it shows the 3D pointer (blinking thou) also it eats almost 15FPS.

            Again, I was just curious, knowing I’m not using a supported VR HMD, I didn’t want to take your time. The weird thing is that this changed from VR3 to VR6 ( I couldn’t test VR4 and 5 since I was away)

            Thank you for your patience

  23. I’m experiencing 12-15fps hit when I turn the mouse pointer on in VR. I have submitted a ticket about this, but I was just curious if anyone else is seeing this?

      1. Noticed this as well yesterday. Running VR6, didn’t happen previously. Noticeable stuttering when enabling the mouse mid flight. Smooth again as soon as you disable it.

      2. Same here. Activating 3d mouse does x-plane goes from 30-35 fps to 22 fps.

        Anyway, playing below 45 fps is not good. I experienced some suttering in some zones… and my computer is not bad:

        i5 4670 @ 4.2 Ghz
        1080 GTX 8 Gb VRAM
        32 Gb RAM
        Oculus Rift CV1

  24. VR6 is great on the frame rate for me! Runs between 60 an 90 with 1080 card. I”m very impressed with the results so far. Very immersive and fun. Have some photo ortho on and just as real as it can get for the resolution available…..

    Hey – what’s the secret to using the hand controller to flip rocker type switches? Using Rift HC’s and the switches light up green, but it takes a lot of tries to actually flip the switch. Using standard LR’s Cirrus Vision Jet in particular. 15-20 attempt to move the gear lever up. Never got them down. Push buttons like AP and rotate (hand not joystk) – like start/stop are all fine. Flap lever is hair triggered on the rotate but usable. Cessna was similarly difficult to flip rocker switches.

    Suggestion – I like the “gloves” and hands appearing in some games. Might be a nice touch as opposed to star trek wands. (IMHO)

    Great job team. Looking forward to higher def VR headsets now so we can read the panel…. 🙂

    1. CirrusJet is not “VR Supported” just yet. A switch flip should just take about 10degrees of wrist flick or a few cm of arm raise…..if the plane is VR supported. Landing gear levers require more motion as they should. Try the Cessna, 737, MD-80, Baron, KingAir, etc and you should see better behavior.

    2. Also have a hell of a time getting a switch switched. Would be great if one could Highlight the switch, and then pull the trigger or something like that. Maybe use the pad to rotate a knob, or flick up/down on the pad to operate the switch. Also having same problems with the mouse. There it would be great if on a switch it would highlite, and then you could use the scroll wheel to flip it into the Position you want, up or down. Would be loads better, and faster than trying to find the up Arrow and the down arrow that can be more than twichy at times. Especially in the times with lots of cockpit interaction like on landing or takeoff where you have a lot to do. Mouse on switch scrollwheel – mouse on switch, scroll – mouse on knob, scroll… So on…

  25. Well. Good job.

    But when we can have the Garmin window inside VR?

    Someone know something ?

    1. Do you use Rift? If so, in 2d mode you can pop out the garmin window to become its own window. Then, in Rift Home you can import that window into the cockpit and position it however you want.

  26. Is the outside view coming back in VR6? When I try to switch to the outside view with the previous versions (other than VR1 back in the beginning) I find myself on the ground, not around the airplane (Zibo).

    1. Ben Supnik says:
      March 2, 2018 at 7:03 pm
      No. Use the joystick configuration screen to map a thumb stick to moving around IF that’s what you want.

      Dave says:
      March 2, 2018 at 7:07 pm
      Thanks Ban, will give that a bash.
      Regards Dave

      Alex Evans says:
      March 3, 2018 at 3:08 am
      I miss this too. Tried mapping it back but each command I tried from the dropdown didn’t achieve the panning. What command should it be bound to pan outside? I also found if you take the binding off of the X and Y options then when you try anything else with the thumb sticks (e.g. scrolling through the menus in the hanger) nothing happens. This part was perfect in VR1 IMO.

      Chris Serio says:
      March 3, 2018 at 7:00 am

      JrKok says:
      March 3, 2018 at 11:11 am
      Hi Dave and Alex,
      Actually the new features are really great (and many thanks to Ben Supnick and Chris Serio to have made this possible). I’ve put together a visual guide on how to achieve the modifications needed to implement “view moves” on your controller. //forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/143066-how-to-bring-back-the-view-move-commands-to-the-controller-stick/

  27. Not sure if it’s too late for a small control suggestion (we are only at VR6 – still time till VR9 before Beta :-), mentioned it allready, but wasn’t sure if you read older Posts): Having a hell of a time getting a switch switched with the laser. Would be great if one could Highlight the switch with the laser by pressing the pad or leave it like now with the trigger, and then left/right on pad for knobs, or up/down for switches. Knobs are not all that troublesome with the laser (only twitchy), but switches sometimes drive me crazy. Also having same problems with the mouse. There it would be great if on a switch/knob it would highlite green like in VR (keeping some kind of uniformity in the control mechanism) showing you can do something with it, and then you could use the scroll wheel to flip it into the Position you want, up/down or left/right. Works somewhat that way right now, but finding exactly the point where the up/down/left/right arrow is, and then use the scrollwheel, can be extremely(!) twitchy (Ben mentioned something about changing the size of your companion window to reduce the twitchyness, but what is that)? Rather have a large area without seperate areas for up/down/left/right (just like the green box in VR – would then also have some uniformity between mouse and VR controllers) would be loads better, and faster than trying to find the seperate arrows that can really be more than twichy at times. Especially in the times with lots of cockpit interaction like on landing or takeoff where you have a lot to do. If its because of the Mac users that may not have a scroll wheel – make a checkbox in the VR hardware Tab, to turn the function on or off. Quick touch of the switch/knob, it highlites in green like in VR without any arrows up/down/left/right, quick scroll or if it is a button then quick click and onto the next. Much faster don’t you think?

    1. I like this idea. On Oculus Touch controllers maybe something like this:
      * half hold to aim and highlight (already there)
      * full hold to select (already there)
      – Now while holding trigger
      * If knob: Left/Right on thumbs tick (or even circular motion on thumbs tick) to dial in a direction — but still keep option to twist whole wrist (I’m not a fan of the wrist twist because I can’t do this motion as fast with the VR controller as I can in a real plane. thumb stick circles would fix this)
      * If switch: Up/Down on thumbs tick as option — keeping option to flick wrist
      * If control surface: I’m kind of fine with what we already have, but that’s just me

      1. Yes. Something along the lines of that. I have a vive, but insted of the stick we could use our pad, only then it would have to be something other than the trigger to select. holding the trigger and making a circle on the pad is almost impossible. You have to really be a contorsionnist to get to the bottom of the pad. Maybe make the VR controls also Mappable on your VR controllers. Then everybody can set it all up to their individual liking. That would be cool.

        1. Even better: Trigger to select like now. Then you can adjust with Thumbstick or Vive Pad. When finished then just trigger with no aiming to unselect. Would even get rid of all the twichyness using the laser. Turning a dial with the lasers right now is reall a pain in the … Just think of adjusting a dial – select, turn stick or pad real fast, then unselect. Would be fantastic I think. Maybe a tick box to turn this special mode on or off. Space for the little tick box is available in the VR tab I think. Supposed to be working here, and not dreaming about x-plane… 🙂

  28. Hey Chris and Ben. Are you going to adress the rain in vr7? The bug with the rain following head movements. Its really anoying when flying in rain.

  29. No sure if the ASW is 100% fixed.
    Looks to jump out of ASW, if you mess with the Oculus tray tool it fixes it… but will jump out again.
    I have done a bug report.

    Anyone else with this issue?

    PS apart from this VR6 looking very good (apart from some smaller bugs)
    Many thanks to the devs again, regards Dave

    1. I have that issue as well. It does stay on like 95% of the time however. It seems though when I look in certain directions in the cockpit in clear weather settings on certain parts of an airport, ASW for whatever reason just disables itself intermittently and then re-enables itself depending on where I look. Flying, it just stays on most of the time, at least I haven’t noticed ASW dropping out to where everything in the cockpit had that blur constantly like what I’ve experienced in VR4/VR5. I do get some very mild shudders here and there and I guess maybe that’s just ASW doing its thing or part of a map or object is loading.

      But I’ve found out that just setting ASW to “force 45fps ASW enabled” in the debug tool fixes this problem overall for me without any issues. This is certainly a whole lot better than what was experienced in VR4 and VR5, however. So little hiccups here and there are acceptable I guess, but at least it’s fixable.

      1. Thanks for the reply, it is better when you force 45FPS but on my system it does keep dropping out & then I have to go back in again and fix it.
        FYI 1080Ti I7 7700k & m.2 drives

        1. That’s weird. I don’t recall my system doing what you’re describing. When I force ASW on, it just stays that way throughout. You’ve probably done this already but you may have some plug-ins that might interfere with your VR performance. Some other user on here have found out that 3jFPS will affect ASW. So I would probably check to see if there are any plug-ins that you may have especially those that are designed to “improve” performance in regular monitors, that may negatively impacting your VR experience right now.

          Your PC specs are just a step above mines, too, by the way.

          i7-6700K @ 4.7GHz
          GTX 1080 SLI @ 2.1 GHz
          SSD and M.2 drives
          32GB RAM

          1. Thanks Adrienne,
            No plugins, so we will see how it goes.
            Dev’s have gone quiet so must be in deep think mode.. must be a heck of a job sorting this out with all the different users / configs / hardware.
            Thing to remember it’s not even a beta yet, great to see the devs working at it and see the problems getting resolved.

  30. Is it a known bug that the mouse “flickers” on and off all the time, and doesn’t disappear when not used (I thought this would be the case and I’m pretty sure I’ve read this somewhere as well).

    1. I already submitted bug where mouse cursor jumps back and forth in VR, so like it sticks close to your vision (like sunglasses) and in half second jumps back on instruments (or other surface of the cockpit). I will check tonight if this bug can be recreated on VR6, because I think I checked it and it was still there on VR4…

      1. Just to confirm: the bug is still there. Updated to VR6, replaced mouse with wireless, unplugged keyboard – no diffrence, cursor inside VR is bouncing…

  31. So, are the new AMD driver improvements here yet, or are they going to be in the BETA? I’m having trouble with 11.20 on my RX580.

    1. Yeah, I’m sorry, I started working on that and then got pulled in a bunch of different directions. Once we transition from “preview” to “beta” and things stabilize, we will certainly release some documentation since it’ll be ‘safe’ to start creating for VR then.

  32. Any hope for a small sale on steam for the final launch of 11.20. I have been foaming at the mouth for this guy after the dry spell since Jan 4 of sales.

    I think you guys are worth the full price but the wallet just can’t cough it up 🙂

  33. Hello Chris/Ben et al

    So I’ve returned to my flight sims having found out xplane has gone native. its already a great improvement over flyinside. However, I’m having some optimization issues, or possibly some performance interpretation issues. My system is a: i7 5820 3.3 ghz / 32gb ram / 1080ti. With that being said I up GPU settings to one notch below the maximum, so hdr, maximum (not uncompressed) and 4x (or is the second to last setting 8X?) ssao blah blah. One the other side depending upon area i usually do a medium to full maximum objects, no reflections and of course i have scenery shadows off. this usually leaves me around 20 – 35 fps with some dips, and some performance spikes depending on objects (night time, day time, what direction im facing, if im in the air). My GPU is only utilizing maybe 60% or less load, 99% if i go full AA setting, but my cpu stays below 50%. What am i doing wrong?

    my second question is do i NEED to be at 45fps? when im in the 30s or high 20s im not terribly bothered by a lack of smoothness (vive with interleaving off but the other one, forget the name, on). Should i be making sure im at 45fps no matter what? id like to be, but when i fiddle with objects it starts to dip while the cpu isn’t taking on anywhere near a full load. Should i sacrifice objects to make sure im at 45? is my cpu speed the issue? im wary of overclocking because vr has already burned a few towers of mine. can i stay around 30 fps? would you recommend me getting to 45 at any cost. and why is my cpu not loading even if i have objects set to maximum?

    anyhow i have limited technical ability. and im not sure if 45 fps is an absolute necessity – although it would be nice.

      1. and of course im trying to benchmark the game in nyc, my home town. if i go elsewhere i have less issue, but cpu load is still lazy as all heck

        1. oh andim using one of those fast solid state or m.2 drives, whatever they are called.

    1. You’re not doing anything wrong. X-Plane in VR is CPU limited. If your GPU is really bored, you can increase the resolution of the VR textures by bumping up supersampling a bit in SteamVR Settings. That will make things in the cockpit a little bit sharper. I have found the Vive to behave very well down to about the mid 20s for frame rate. Can you detect it’s not totally smooth? Of course. Does it bother me? Not in the least though I respect that some people do get motion sick from it. My point is that whatever feels “good enough” for you is good enough. There is no reason to panic about not maintaining 45fps.

      1. Chris,

        Im surprised and immensely pleased that you answered my ramblings so concisely and quickly. Thank you for clarifying this matter. I have fsx with flyinside, p3d4, and xplane 11. Needless to say, Ive forgotten the other two and am really enjoying xplane 11. I started with Xplane in the mid aughts, and my return to it last year has been quite rewarding, and only continues to grow. You guys have my unending support.


  34. Will it be possible to pop out the 530 and 430 while in VR during the 11.20 run?


  35. thank you such much guys for the fantatic work on VR, I am back at x-plane after 2y break, and it is almost orgasmic! I can now suceed all my complex landings because I FEEL everything in the plane.

  36. This version is getting close to the performance I have with FlyInside in 11.10 with my Oculus Rift.
    The team did a great job in improving so fast.
    The clarity and interaction is almost as good as DCS.
    Hopefully Vulcan wil improve the framerate so it can beat DCS and FlyInside.
    The interaction with the cockpit is great. If only my Leapmotion could be used like in FlyInside (always these wishlists) however this would loose the interaction that is now implemented.

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