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Not A Bug, Apparently

When I saw this near KMSY in New Orleans my first thought was: oh hell, what bug created that?  All of the roads seemed to run over these channels of water, as if someone had created mini-rivers for them.  I assumed bad OSM data.

Then I looked the area up on Google and…no, they actually built the road over water intentionally.

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Mommy where do baby airplanes come from?

“Well little Johnny, when a KC-10 and a 747 love each other very much…”

On a more serious (kinda) note, this is a shot of what happens when ATC fails at spacing its aircraft properly. These two planes flew all the way down the ILS like this which is obviously a bug…but fun to have a chuckle about as well. If you look off into the distance, you can see some other aircraft, also on the ILS lined up against the golden sky…very dramatic!

(Notes: This is v9 scenery, v9 planes, a slow debug build…nothing special here)

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Who Needs the Ocean?

On my todo list for X-Plane 10.0: do something to get rid of the goofy reflections in the planet-wide water.  The problem is that the reflection tricks that we pull to draw water look wrong when we zoom out so much that water surfaces are curved.

So what if we just got rid of planetary water entirely?

Apparently the ocean is “full of stars”…

Here’s another picture, lest you think I spend 100% of my time destroying X-Plane’s shaders.

That’s still in the shader development stage – I’ll toss it to Javier to work out the tuning once it’s a little bit further along.

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Bug or Hurricane?

The billboarding scheme for cloud puffs has been rewritten for X-Plane 10; for the most part you should not see puffs spinning or reorienting themselves as you move the camera.  However, while poking at the cloud puff shader, I managed to induce this picture on the left.  The weather system makes some of the best bug screenshots.

(The post was originally labeled “bug or tornado”…I changed it because it seemed obnoxious after what happened in Joplin, MO – just me being a jerk from the East Coast.  A few days later we were hit by a series of Tornadoes fairly close to home.)

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Some ATC Bloopers…(Free Willy!)

In testing some ATC stuff today, I was curious why I saw smoke coming from the water on the left side of the runway. As I got closer, I found a KC-10 rising from the ground like a mighty Phoenix….struggling to get out of the controlling grips of Air Traffic Control. Ben said it reminds him of Free Willy.

And of course the usual disclaimer…the purpose of the video is to have a giggle at the AI plane’s bug…ignore the ugliness of the rest of the situation. The colored lines are used for debugging aircraft routing issued by ATC.

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