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X-Plane 11.10b4 – Let’s Not Scale Your Plugins

X-Plane 11.10b4 is out. The release notes have complete bug fixes (we try to list everything; Jennifer works off the bug base and the GIT  commit log), but two big fixes:

  1. Austin fixed a crash for aircraft with zero stall speed. If your aircraft was crashing 100% of the time in b3, please re-test in b4 and file a new bug if you still see a crash.
  2. Plugins using widgets were being subject to the new scaling/multi-monitor capabilities even if not re-compiled against the new SDK. We think this caused a ton of plugins to stop working.

Widget-based plugins now do not scale. The widget drawing code path, as it turns out, is totally not ready for UI scaling or multi-monitor.

If you found any problems using plugins (mouse clicks not working, double drawing, things disappearing) and you still see them in beta 4, please re-report a new bug based on whatever you now see!

Plugin authors: our intent is to not scale widget-based plugins – the widget drawing path is full of assumptions about the drawing environment, and the code is split between plugins, public libraries, and the DLLs in X-Plane itself.

Our long term intention is not to upgrade XPWidgets, but rather to offer some kind of modern replacement that leverages our UI, is easier to use, and is compatible with all of the modern facilities in X-Plane.

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave widget-based plugins with a lot of good options in the short term. As a plugin author you’ll need to look at the scope of your UI and decide whether you’d rather recode it in straight XPLMDisplay APIs or wait until an XPWidgets replacement is available.

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X-Plane 11.10 Beta 3 – Linux Fixed

I just cut a quick new beta build of X-Plane 10.11 – Jörg fixed the Linux crash. The crash was a problem with the plugin .so’s and we don’t even know how the bug happened, but it’s fixed now.

Linux users: since the crash is at startup, you won’t be prompted to auto update (because X-Plane crashes before the auto-update check can run).  So to fix your beta installation, re-run our installer and pick “update x-plane” with the beta box checked.  You’ll get beta 3 and be back in business.

We’ll fix more bugs next week, and the rate of betas may slow down, but we’ll try to patch crashes as quick as we can.

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X-Plane 11.10b2 Is Live

If you have 11.10 beta 1, you’ll be auto-notified to update.  (If you’re locked out, e.g. for users on Linux who didn’t have libc++, use the installer and check “Get Betas”). See the release notes for bugs fixed in this beta.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs!  If your bug is not yet fixed, don’t panic – we cut b2 quick to fix the pile of “OGL_ubo_is_valid(s_environment_ubo)” crashes. If you have one of these in b2 please re-report it (and auto-report it!)


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X-Plane 11.10 Beta 1 Is Here

To get it, make sure you have an X-Plane install you can scrap, have a stiff drink, and check “get betas” in the installer.

Release notes are here. I’ll try to post more over the weekend about some of the new stuff, but there’s a lot, and we’ve probably left things off the initial notes. For now, since it’s beta 1, our main concern is “does it work at all?”

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X-Plane 11.05 is Final

X-Plane 11.05 release candidate Two is now the official version of X-Plane 11. You’ll be prompted to auto-update.

11.05’s purpose in life was to release new gateway airports. We will do another release of gateway airports for X-Plane 11.10, which we are working on now.

When Will X-Plane 11.10 Be Released?

I don’t know! I don’t have a crystal ball. How can it be that I am tasked with making the final release-not-release decision and I don’t know when the first beta will be released?

X-Plane 11.10 is limited by bugs, not a particular release date. In particular, we intend to ship X-Plane 11.10 with our latest rendering code, and our latest rendering code currently has a few serious bugs. So it will be released when we fix these bugs, but I can’t predict how long it will take to fix them.

Some of our releases are date driven, and we remove functionality to hit the date. Other releases are feature driven, and we release when the bugs are fixed. 11.10 is in that later category.

We’ll post a lot more details on 11.10 once we get into beta; 11.10 is going to be a long beta, to give third parties time to help us flush out compatibility bugs. We’ve changed a lot of code.

11.10 will (as planned) ship without VR support, but will contain all of the rendering engine changes necessary to make VR work. We are working on VR in parallel, and can hopefully public beta VR as soon as 11.10 is out of beta.

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11.05 Release Candidate 2 and Friends

11.05r2 is now available – if you have 11.05r1, you’ll be notified to auto-update. We fixed the broken SIDs/STARs at KMCO, removed a few custom Aerosoft lego brick airports to reveal the gateway one, and we have some updates to KLAS from Julian.

This should come out on Steam in a day or two if no one finds something on fire and hopefully be final this week.

We’re working full time to get 11.10 ready for beta, hopefully very shortly after 11.05r2 is final.

Update: Steam users can get 11.05r2 as well by opting into betas.

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X-Plane 11.05 (Release Candidate) – Airports!

We just posted X-Plane 11.05 today – to try it, click “get betas” and run the updater. Steam users: we’ll try to get a Steam version up in a few days if no massive bugs are found.

This update is really a release of airports from the X-Plane Scenery Gateway – see the release notes here for a complete list of airports included.

This release also includes our first land-marks: custom buildings from the strip near Julian’s KLAS, which is also included.


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X-Plane 11.02 Release Candidate 2

A new release candidate is now available for X-Plane 11.02. There aren’t many bug fixes listed on the release notes page, but we think (hope!) we’ve fixed the new issues introduced in r1 and sneaked in a couple other improvements such as:

  • Crashing when reporting the field in sight at an untowered airport!
  • FPS hit when using external cameras near aircraft with scenery shadows on.


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